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  • 5 Healthy Habits for the New Year

    It is our firm conviction that a little indulgence over the holidays is more than fine, whatever toxic “get fit or else” marketing would have you believe. But you may also want to start a new year with a cleaner slate – be it for your mental and physical health and/or the planet’s wellbeing at large. If that’s the case (go you!) – we’ve prepared a little checklist of healthy habits for you to try to incorporate. Just remember: every step, however small, matters, and we’re in it together!


  • Signal Peptides as Means to Increasing Longevity

    Nowadays, a person is considered long-living after they reach 90. In Russia, there are more than seven thousand people like that. Most of them live in Siberia, Caucasus and the Asian part of the country. According to statistics, there has only been 16 people documented to having lived for over 116 years. Longevity became the topic of the recent Break Down to Atoms talk show that was conducted by the Information Centre for Nuclear Energy in St. Petersburg for the 19th time. Among the event’s speakers was professor Vladimir Khavinson, Director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology who’s been focusing on the issues of longevity for the past 35 years. The expert spoke about a recent research where scientists proved that prolonging one’s life by 40% is possible, discussed the role of signal peptides in human longevity, and explained why epithalamin is the best drug on Earth.