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  • Online Weekend Plans: Courses, Sports and Virtual Museums for Those Staying at Home

    During his quarantine in the village of Boldino, Alexander Pushkin managed to write an unprecedented amount of works. He finished Eugene Onegin, wrote The Belkin Tales, Little Tragedies and over thirty poems and other works in the three-month period. We decided to follow the poet’s example and make the most out of this forced isolation. Popular science lectures and museums are going online, international websites are providing free access to educational courses, and countless apps prove that you can follow an exercise routine outside your gym. For those who are staying at home, we have prepared the most detailed guide on what to do this weekend and beyond.  


  • MOOCs for Everyone: How to Create an Effective and Useful Online Course

    Online education is a widespread trend that is only gaining in popularity. There are more and more courses by the world’s best universities appearing on various platforms. An original online course has become not so much an element of prestige than a vital necessity for confirming one’s status as a successful educator. Asel Romanova, a lecturer at ITMO University’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems and the author of several programming MOOCs, shared her experience and practical advice on how to create effective and interesting online courses. Her presentation took place as part of the ITMO.Expert project.


  • Best of Free Coursera Online Courses to Boost Your Knowledge This Winter

    Modern technologies provide you with plenty of opportunities for non-stop learning; be it during your daily commute, classes or your free time, you always have access to a sea of useful information on your specialization. With that in mind, ITMO.NEWS decided to provide some educational entertainment for the cold evenings ahead with exciting lectures by first-class academics from all over the world!


  • ITMO University Lecturers on Benefits of Using Online Courses in Teaching

    Today’s educators are becoming more and more active in integrating online learning in the traditional educational process. Many of ITMO University’s lecturers are also authors of online courses on the Open Education learning platform and use them in their everyday teaching as a replacement to some in-class lectures or an expansion of the offline learning content. ITMO.NEWS met the innovators to talk about why online courses shouldn’t be seen as a threat to conventional education, how this learning format could change the teacher-student interaction, and what makes it so convenient.


  • How Do Russian MOOC Platforms Compete With World Top MOOC Providers? Courseburg Investigates

    Can Russian online learning platforms compete with their popular international counterparts? How many users leave online learning platforms annually? And why is there such a low level of participation in digital education amongst Russians? Analysts of the Courseburg Russian online learning platform explored these questions in their latest study, which breaks down data gained from five biggest online learning platforms. 


  • ITMO.Online: How to Profit from Finishing an Online Course

    ITMO University started the ITMO.Online contest, which means that every ITMO student can apply for financial support for mastering mass online courses.


  • How Online Courses Can Benefit Both Students and Universities

    Online courses are becoming more and more popular these days, both among students and universities, as they allow universities to broaden their reach, gain international recognition, and make the educational process more personal. That’s why the quality of such courses is so important. Andrey Lyamin, head of the Open Education Department, took part in the international Workshop on Curriculum/Module design, structure and quality assurance and spoke about ITMO University MOOCs (Massive open online courses).


  • ITMO University Online Courses You Can't Miss

    Online learning is becoming increasingly popular today. However, many specific subjects like Plasmonics or Statistical Methods in Innovation Management can’t be found online. This semester, ITMO University is launching three new online-courses on the Open Education Platform and the edX platform.


  • Emerging EdTech: Can AI Change Education

    Why is taking online courses usually not so effective; is there such a thing as mosaic thinking - and can AI radically change the age-old system of education? EdTech Space, an online-conference devoted to new technologies in teaching, was held at the Webinar studio yesterday. Participants of the discussion spoke about brain science, AI and new approaches to education. More on how taking into account cognitive characteristics can improve an educational course, whether AI stands a chance to change the entire paradigm of the modern education system founded 1000 years ago - in this ITMO.NEWS material.


  • Edcrunch 2017: Prospects of Online Education in Russia

    ITMO University is developing a common web-platform for online-courses that will not only provide information on the courses one needs,  but also allow the users to keep a personal portfolio. The portal is created as part of the “Modern Digital Educational Environment in Russia” project of the Ministry of Education and Science. Students will have the opportunity to get credits for online education, as well as form individual educational tracks. The prospects of the new project were discussed at the Edcrunch international conference on new educational technologies that took place in Moscow on September 26-27.