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  • Scientists in St. Petersburg Find a Way to Study Game Addiction

    Researchers from ITMO University, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, and Almazov National Medical Research Centre discovered that the brain pathways responsible for self-control, pleasure, and affection change in people who regularly play video games; whereas their cognitive functions remain unchanged, which is visible on functional MRI scans. The study's findings might be used for early diagnosis of game addiction.


  • New Research Brings Personalized Arrhythmia Treatment

    Scientists from ITMO University proposed a new approach to treat atrial fibrillation (arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat) – AI-powered algorithms. Using the innovative method, cardiac surgeons will be able to 3D-print custom cardiac tissues for each patient and thus increase the efficiency of their treatment.


  • Future of MRI: ITMO’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging Summer School Attracts 70+ Students, Engineers, Medical Scientists

    In late June, ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics hosted a school in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Over the course of six days, leading specialists from the university and other scientific institutions educated the participants on the fundamentals of MRI, spoke on the latest advances in the field – including the cutting-edge devices developed by the Faculty of Physics – and hosted workshops on the methods of production and processing of magnetic resonance images. The school was organized jointly with the Almazov National Medical Research Center; its staff conducted a tour of the clinic and showed the MRI systems in action.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #9

    Even as we brave the scorching heat and relentless sun, ITMO.NEWS continues to bring you the latest from the world of science. Here are some of our top stories of the past two weeks, featuring: research breakthroughs! Exciting new initiatives! A new Master’s program! And a journey into the world of cinematic space travel.


  • Dr. Carlos Cabal From University of Havana on the Future of MRI

    Prof. Cabal’s research group from the University of Havana, Cuba, learned to build their own magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners thirty years ago – back then, those were the only available MRI machines in the country. Today, Dr. Carlos Cabal is one of leading MRI experts with a long history of successful collaboration with ITMO University. Starting 2016, the researcher has been delivering a specialized course for future physicists twice a year and soon, he will join the university’s school of MRI as one of the keynote speakers. In this article, Prof. Cabal shares his views on the future of MRI and explains why he thinks ITMO has all the potential to break new grounds in this field.


  • ITMO Researchers Propose New Wireless Power Transfer System For MRI Scanners

    Scientists from ITMO’s Faculty of Physics have developed an antenna capable of capturing energy from alternating magnetic fields within MRI scanners and relaying it to additional devices used inside such systems. The technology can harvest nearly twice as much energy as its counterparts, thus representing a new significant step towards eliminating wires and expensive batteries from MRI equipment.


  • The Future of MRI: ITMO Researchers Develop New Ways to Acquire and Analyze MR Images

    Last year, ITMO’s International Laboratory of Applied Radioengineering was successfully selected for a Megagrant for research into the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Their goal is to make this method more efficient, convenient, and safe. This project entails the development of new devices as well as methods of producing and analyzing MR images that will help clinicians make their diagnoses swiftly and accurately. David Bendahan, a leading French scientist and one of the heads of the project, told us about the milestones achieved in the past year and the challenges of communicating with clinicians. 


  • ITMO Scientists Receive Presidential Grants

    The Council for Grants of the President of the Russian Federation has announced the list of winners of the competition for state support of leading scientific schools. The list includes two teams from ITMO University, headed by Pavel Belov and Vladislav Bougrov, respectively. 


  • From Theory to Practice: How ITMO Scientists Created a Wireless Compact Device for Breast Screening

    Breast cancer is one of the most widespread oncological diseases and one of the most dangerous for women overall: 685,000 died of it last year alone. The best way to save a life is to detect and treat the tumor at the early stages of the disease. That’s why scientists from all over the world keep working on increasing the efficiency of MRI and researchers from ITMO University are no exception.


  • Neural Networks Specialist: Machine Learning Models Can Fail And Here Is Why

    Is it true that neural networks can’t tell a gorilla from a tumor? What is prediction confidence and what do they have to do to find your car in the parking lot? And finally, why shouldn’t you trust a model’s conclusions completely? We addressed all of these questions to Natalia Khanzhina, a PhD student at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, who developed a new method that improves the precision of the neural network that detects brain tumors in MRI scans.