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  • ITMO Launches New Master’s Program in Computer Vision

    The university’s School of Physics and Engineering is launching a new Master’s program. Studies will take place at the intersection of three disciplines: videosystems engineering, physical optics, and computer science. The program’s graduates can work as programmers and engineers, capable of creating systems that process images and video. Here’s what the new program will offer – and how to apply.


  • Computer Graphics and Machine Learning Conference GraphiCon-2020 Begins in St. Petersburg

    On September 22-25, ITMO University is hosting the international conference GraphiCon-2020. Established in 1991, the conference is a key event for specialists in the world of computer graphics and adjacent fields.


  • Why Teach Robots How to See? Nine Burning Questions About Computer Vision

    How does a driverless car distinguish between pedestrians and trees? And how can Face ID tell whether it’s you or a thief logging into your phone? These and other tasks are tackled by specialists in the field of computer vision. In this article, Sergey Shavetov, associate professor and deputy dean at the Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, explains whether a robot or an AI can be taught to see the world as a human being, why it is so hard and what will happen when it is finally possible. 


  • Student Construction Bureau: Programming Robots For Industry 4.0

    Machine vision algorithms, automation systems for the new industrial revolution, programs for robot cooperation - students at ITMO's student construction bureau work on serious tasks aimed at practical applications. Anyone studying at ITMO can come join the existing developer teams or propose their own projects. Here, one can not only gain additional knowledge in the field of robotic systems, but also get training for contests in robotics or get help in finalizing an idea for a potential startup.