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  • Student Spotlight: Magdalene Memory Lungu, Malawi

    Magdalene from the vibrant nation of Malawi is currently immersed in the study of public health sciences at ITMO. Her passion lies in the pursuit of identifying infectious diseases at their early stages to prevent the recurrence of global pandemics. In this conversation, Magdalene takes us on a thrilling journey through her academic pursuits, shedding light on her aspirations to contribute to public health initiatives. Join us as we delve into Magdalene's experiences, ambitions, and the pivotal role she envisions playing at her nation’s Ministry of Health.


  • Student Spotlight: Menard Phiri, Malawi

    Hailing from Blantyre in the south of Malawi, Menard Phiri is the first-ever student from his country at ITMO. Menard majors in computer systems information security, and is about to complete his second year of Master’s. In this interview he tells us all about his experiences and research at ITMO.