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  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Anastasia Bulygina on Making Lectures Cooler Than YouTube

    The marketing expert Anastasia Bulygina started teaching when she was a final-year Bachelor’s student in her hometown Lipetsk. Her desire to learn and grow professionally brought her to ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations where she then сontinued her career as a lecturer. Last year, Anastasia became one of the university’s top lecturers and received an award for her achievements in education. In this article, Anastasia speaks about how TikTok videos can help students make successful presentations and explains why games are a great way to connect with your students.


  • Continuing Professional Education: Big Data for Managers – Law and Marketing for Developers

    ITMO’s National Center for Cognitive Research has launched a slate of continuing professional education programs. These courses will help economists, managers and lawyers learn more about big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. IT specialists, in turn, will have the chance to study marketing, law, or public relations.


  • ITMO Wins Grand Prix of National PR Award Silver Archer

    ITMO University’s admission campaign DIGITAL NATIVE was named Russia’s best PR campaign of 2020. ITMO also became the first university to ever receive the Silver Archer award. 


  • ITMO Professor Aleksandr Farseev on Long Tail Marketing and 2020 Gartner Cool Vendors Award

    The company, which participated in ITMO Accelerator, received an award from the Gartner agency, one of the leaders in business analytics. ITMO.NEWS met with Aleksandr Farseev, the founder of the company and a professor at ITMO Machine Learning Lab, to learn more about the award and their future plans.


  • Project by ITMO Professor Becomes Official Partner of Elon Musk’s OpenAI

    Prof. Aleks Farseev and his colleagues will get access to the GPT-3 neural network that can produce content that blurs the lines between machine and human crafted content. The team will use the new capabilities for improving advertising algorithms in social media.


  • How To Promote Your Business Online: Channels, Tips, and Common Mistakes

    What are the best ways to promote your project on social media via a website, a blog, or your own YouTube channel? What strategies should you try? And what common mistakes can you avoid when starting your campaign? Valerie Kraskova, founder of the Lab322 marketing agency, answered all these questions at an ITMO Accelerator workshop.


  • Media Research Group’s Aleksandr Farseev On Advertising Algorithms and Social Network Monopolies

    During the past three years, a team of researchers from the Machine Learning Lab has been studying artificial intelligence in the field of social network analysis. Aleksandr Farseev, the head of the team, discussed tasks they worked on and the results they achieved.


  • Mission Inboxible: How to Set Up a Successful Marketing Mailout

    How to set up a mailout so that it doesn’t get into spam? How to assemble a subscriber base and not lose it? And how effective are mailouts in this day and age? ITMO.NEWS publishes a resume of a lecture by Yulia Savitskaya, the founder of the Sxema agency and CEO of, who answers these and other questions. 


  • Machine Learning for Newbies: How to Use Ready-Made Google Solutions to Create Your Own Models

    The third annual meetup on the use of artificial intelligence and big data in marketing by the agency Sociaro was held in April. Among the speakers was Yuri Konov, a customer engineer at Google Cloud. He talked about the opportunities for solving machine learning tasks offered by Google to developers, business analysts, marketing specialists and scientists, and whether you have to be really good at machine learning to make use of those. 


  • How to Choose a Profession in the Digital World

    We live in the age of total digitalization. More and more people work in the digital field. Every day new professions appear, and familiar specializations are changing and transforming at the speed of light. In order to keep up, everyone should study constantly, follow the trends, and gain new skills. Maksim Popov, a representative of the LeaderCup project, has given an open lecture on choosing a profession in the digital field, and we have summarized it for you.