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  • This Week in St. Petersburg: March 14-20, 2024

    The next seven days in St. Pete promise plenty of exhibitions to enjoy, events to attend… and pancakes to feast on!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: February 23-26, 2023

    A double weekend means even more fests, concerts, exhibitions and other fun activities for the best end of winter possible.


  • Much More Than Pancakes: Maslenitsa Week

    Today marks the beginning of Maslenitsa, a unique holiday that lasts a whole week! Let’s break it down day by day and see what customs are associated with each of them.


  • Maslenitsa Fortune Telling: The Unscientific Method

    With the Maslenitsa week in full swing, what can be better than gorging on buttery, lacy blini, the Russian version of pancakes? Some might argue that it’s also learning what the coming year has in store.


  • ITMO Celebrates Maslenitsa: Stories from Students and Staff

    Do you love pancakes? This week you can eat them to your heart’s content – it’s Maslenitsa week in Russia! This celebration is all about welcoming spring and yes, gorging on pancakes, or blini, as they’re called here. We asked our students to describe how they’re celebrating this traditional Russian holiday.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: March 13-14, 2021

    This week we celebrated all the incredible women in our lives on International Women’s Day and now we explore the yummy traditions of Russian cuisine by making all kinds of blinis at home (and not only). And after such an eventful week, there is nothing better than visiting the most exciting and intriguing exhibitions, enjoying classical music, and seeing the effigy of Maslenitsa burning. And what about some thrift shopping at the city’s bustling markets along the way? Don't miss out on this fun way to end the week!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: March 9-10

    This week, Russians celebrate Maslenitsa, a folk holiday of saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring. One of the brightest and liveliest celebrations of the whole year, Maslenitsa is all about Russian pancakes called blinis, coupled with lots of amazing outdoor activities. In this article, we cover the best Maslenitsa spots to visit this weekend!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: February 17-18

    This week, Russia celebrates Maslenitsa - arguably its oldest holiday that marks the imminent end of winter. Expect lots of fun, blini, and curious folk rituals like burning of human-sized effigies or jumping through bonfires! Traditionally, this is going to be a citywide celebration; yet, we’ve decided to give you an account of the most popular venues in our This Weekend in St. Petersburg review.