All things art

Moscow and Leningrad art scene: the 1980s-90s

  • Until April 9, 11 am - 8 pm daily
  • KGallery
  • 350 rubles (100 rubles for students)

The best way to kickstart your weekend is to soak in St. Pete’s art scene, which, fortunately for us, is once again thriving with tons of can’t-wait-to-sees. Just yesterday, KGallery opened its doors for everyone seeking to explore the history of the artistic life of the ‘80s and ‘90s in Moscow and St. Petersburg (then-Leningrad). Sergei Borisov’s solo exhibition has it all: compelling black & white photographs, including those never-before seen, underground Soviet icons, and forever captured moments of the days gone by. 

First Position. Russian Ballet

A sophisticated, close-to-heart exhibition has landed at Manege, delving into the history of the Russian ballet, its milestones, and the performances that have enchanted the world. With over 1,000 exhibits, the display encompasses it all, from historical costumes to ballet-themed paintings, allowing visitors to look behind the scenes of Russian theaters, get in touch with the world of ballet, and experience its history and beauty.

Nonobjective Reality by Tatiana Mikhailik

  • Until April 9, 10 am - 10 pm daily, except for Tuesdays
  • Erarta
  • 600-1,000 rubles (includes an annual pass)

For another travel-through-time-and-space experience, head to Tatiana Mikhailik’s exhibition at Erarta. Full of diverse, colorful "fragments of being", the display goes beyond everyday reality with its cultural and historical references, autobiographical nature, and hidden (and not) meanings.

Outdoor events

Flower festival

Celebrate the end of winter by visiting a flower festival at St. Petersburg Botanical Garden! Each weekend, the festival welcomes everyone to enjoy nature-themed fun activities, with highlights including a lilac display, scenic routes, insightful exhibitions of the world’s and local flora, and creative workshops. 

Ice sculpture festival

If you, just like typical St. Pete’s winter, are not yet ready to say goodbye to all of winter’s miracles, plan a mini-getaway to Kronstadt for an ice sculpture festival. This way, you won’t only satiate your travel appetite but also see with your own eyes how snow and ice can turn into masterpieces. Free of charge, the festival showcases ice statues made by artists from all over Russia who virtuously turned 200 tons of ice into jaw-dropping works: figures of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, the Tolbukhin Lighthouse, Russia’s first steamer, and more. 

The Beatles & classic rock concert

While seasons come and go, there’s something more eternal – music! This Saturday will be filled with timeless hits, the greatest rock opera songs, and even blues and surf rock performances. Hit the dance floor or take in the music from the side to the sounds of your favorites: The Beatles, Queen, and Led Zeppelin. 

The holiday that’s in the air

Maslenitsa festivities at Yelagin Island

  • February 26, 12-6:30 pm
  • Yelagin Island
  • 250 rubles (50 rubles for students) – purchase here

This is indeed a week of holidays – and blinis! This week, we’re celebrating Maslenitsa. To get a true experience and taste of the holiday, visit the merrymaking happening at Yelagin Island. The celebration’s program promises an authentic holiday atmosphere, traditional activities and games, and lots of delicacies.