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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: May 8-10, 2021

    With another long weekend knocking on our door, now is the perfect time to start looking ahead to the coming three days of massive celebrations, long-awaited getaways, and exciting events. And as per usual our team will be your ultimate guide to what’s on in St. Petersburg this weekend – and especially on the special date, May 9.


  • Changes to ITMO’s Work Schedule During May Holidays 2021

    On May 3-8, classes at ITMO University will continue both online and on-site: students will be able to attend in person or remotely. Learn more below.


  • Best Getaways From St. Petersburg on a Budget

    If you already know St. Petersburg like the back of your hand, it’s high time to get onto the next level – Leningrad Oblast. So, stock up on food and water, put your backpack on, and get on a high-speed train (and don’t forget about student discounts) to your soon-to-be beloved destinations: exquisite park and palace ensembles, sandy coasts of the Gulf of Finland, mesmerizing caves, and stony lake-forest lands – all within your reach and wallet.


  • Victory Day in St. Petersburg: A Retrospective

    On May 9 of each year, Russia celebrates Victory Day – an anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945 and the counterpart of VE Day. Since 1965, it has been a public holiday and Victory Parades are held on this day in many cities across the nation. In 2020, however, the pandemic forced authorities to postpone the celebrations. Nevertheless, citizens of St. Petersburg will still be able to commemorate the day, albeit in a “contact-free” manner. Below, you’ll find a retrospective of the Victory Parade in St. Petersburg through the years; scroll to the bottom for a list of events planned for May 9, 2020.


  • ITMO University's Work Schedule for May 1-11, 2020

    In accordance with the extension of measures to ensure the epidemiological well-being of the Russian population in connection with the spread of the novel coronavirus, ITMO University will continue the educational process and the remote work mode until May 11, inclusively. The corresponding order was signed on April 30 by ITMO University Rector Vladimir Vasilyev. The document also establishes the work schedule of university employees for May 1-11, 2020.


  • May 9: Today We Celebrate Victory Day

    There’s hardly a family in St. Petersburg that wasn’t touched by the events of 1941-1945. We don’t call it the World War II here – we call it the Great Patriotic War. To Russians, that’s just what it was: a fight for their motherland and their right to exist as a people and a nation.


  • 2019 Guide to May Holidays in St. Petersburg

    Wondering how to spend May holidays in St. Petersburg? Wonder no more! Here’s our curated guide of the best-of events happening on this very long weekend.


  • Class Schedule and Days Off for the May Holidays

    Below is the list of days off for the May holidays of 2019.  


  • The Magic of Russian May Holidays

    If you’ve never been to Russia (hint hint you really should come, summer is coming and we promise you won’t freeze to death, and bears have all abandoned their balalaikas and gone on vacation to the North Pole), you may not know that we love the beginning of May as dearly as we love that reposeful week after New Year’s. Why? Because ‘tis the sweet, sweet time of prolonged public holidays, often with the added plus of good weather. Here are our reflections on this wonderful time of the year.