Victory Day

As one of the most important dates in Russian culture, Victory Day is always celebrated with grandeur. With a few changes to the tradition, this year’s celebration will include WWII-inspired movies on TV, wartime songs and poetry, stories about the war, military parades, the march of the Immortal Regiment (held online this year), and, of course, the festive climax – a magnificent fireworks display at 10 pm. Starting with the spectacular parade of over 100 military machines on the city’s main square, the celebration offers numerous events at the most historically memorable locations. Due to the epidemiological situation, participation may require a negative test for COVID-19 or a vaccination certificate (keep updated!).

Knights’ Festival in Vyborg

  • Starting on May 8, Sat-Sun at 12, 3, or 6 pm; Mon at 12, 3 pm
  • near Annenkrone, Vyborg
  • 500-600 rubles

On a different note, if you’ve ever wanted to travel back in time and experience medieval times, then your dream is bound to come true this weekend. Vyborg is a perfect place to try on a suit of armor, hold a sword, and feel like a real knight, especially with the Knights’ Festival being right around the corner. From this weekend on, you will have the chance to enjoy knightly tournaments, witness equestrian shows with fascinating stories about friendship, justice, and victory, visit authentic fairs and taverns, as well as try your hand at a wide range of interactive activities and games. Who knows? Maybe you’re the next Richard the Lionheart.

AntiGravity Concert

This weekend, Planetarium No.1 – one of the most cosmic spots in St. Petersburg – will take you on a musical journey throughout the endless space. The AntiGravity Concert will present a unique performance by Anetta Morozova – a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer – whose original program will lead listeners to lose themselves in the unearthly sounds and flute overtones, not to mention being fully immersed in outer space thanks to magnificent multimedia installations. It’s time to overcome gravity with the help of outer space music!

M.Ani.Fest Cosplay Festival

If words like anime and manga don’t sound alien to you, then you’ve probably already heard about M.Ani.Fest Cosplay Festival. And if not, it’s never too late to find out. M.Ani.Fest is a fun cosplay festival with a huge geek fair and splendid stage performances, which annually brings together all the lovers of geek culture. And this year is no exception. Don’t miss your chance to explore the world of cosplay, games, anime, and fun at M.Ani.Fest – and maybe even rock your own costume.