Krang Pizza

Cowabunga, all fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The Krang Pizza bar, with its neon lights, wall-to-wall graffiti, and loud music, is a perfect place to get nostalgic about those good old days (when you wanted to be Leonardo – period) by playing old-school video games and legendary arcade games. But don’t get carried away so easily – have a yummy slice first. What about some Shawabanga? Or maybe pepperoni with marshmallow and mutagen? You got it! Here, you’ll find everything your heart desires and even more. Plus, spice your night up with some board game tournaments and movie screenings – sounds like an awesome plan, am I right or am I right?

Where: Gorokhovaya St. 28

Mayak comic book store

Hidden on New Holland Island, Mayak isn't just a comic book store, it’s a hub, a haven for geeks! Offering a broad choice of graphic novels and merchandise, this lovely store will take you into the world of Marvel or DC (being Switzerland here), various superheroes, and your favorite TV shows and movie characters. Here, you’ll find not only classic comics in Russian and English but also collector’s editions, biographies, encyclopedias, children's books, souvenirs, postcards, sweets, and much more. Stop by and get ready to round out your collection.

Where: New Holland Island, Admiralteysky Canal Emb. 2

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Right in the heart of St. Petersburg, the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines opens a window into the past by recreating the unique atmosphere of Soviet-era Russia with a variety of full-on arcade machines from the 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. Do you want to try your hand at Sea Battle? Or maybe have a table football match or two? And, of course, explore all the never-heard-of games such as Magistral, Snaiper-2, or Gorodki? Add some extra awesomeness to your little getaway by taking memorable photos at an authentic photo booth and sipping on a refreshing drink from Soviet vending machines. 

Where: Konyushennaya Sq. 2, bldg. B

Playloft GaGa

Playloft GaGa, with over 1,000 board games and exciting events, is definitely the place to visit if you’re into playing (and rooftop views!). Whether you’re in for some classic Monopoly and Mafia or trendy Pandemic and Codenames, you know where to go. Playloft GaGa offers an anticafe format, so you pay for the minute and can make the most of your time there by fully indulging in board and console games and treating yourself to some free drinks, snacks, and sweets. Experienced players can explore a wide range of gaming nights and tournaments, while inspired enthusiasts – expand their horizons with the help of numerous gamemasters.

Where: Malaya Morskaya St. 15/7

Maza Park

Do you like amusement parks? So do we. That’s why this list couldn’t go without Maza Park, the largest in-door one in St. Petersburg. Divided into numerous zones, the park offers the best collection of amusement rides, arcade machines, cafes and restaurants, as well as various other activities. The all-inclusive ticket buys you a day full of activities – from laser tag and bowling to VR and mechanical bulls. It’s a great place to meet up with your friends and have lots of fun while playing different games.

Where: Bukharestskaya St. 30/32

While social gatherings may not be in full swing yet (and that’s okay), you’d probably want to take a note of some of the geek festivals held in our beloved city, one of them being the famous Starcon festival – a blend of science, cinema, art, and show. ITMO has something for you, too. If you’re interested in science and geek culture, pay a visit to the Museum of Optics or join one of the numerous student clubs, for example, Geekmo or Hardcore Dice for new experiences and fandoms.

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