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  • Student Spotlight: Akylzhan Kerimbay, Kazakhstan

    Join us for an engaging conversation with Akylzhan, an international student from Kazakhstan, as we explore his life in St. Petersburg and delve into the exciting details of his recent representation of ITMO at an education fair in his hometown. Read on to discover this unique individual whose passion for IT is matched only by his enthusiasm for making a difference.


  • Russian Board Games to Play This Weekend

    When the weather is too November-ish, there’s nothing better than staying in and inviting a friend or two to have fun – or, possibly, argue – over a board game. How about, instead of choosing classic Monopoly or Uno, you opt for one of the many great games that were created in Russia in recent years? As a bonus, you’ll get to practice Russian in a playful way.


  • Gaming Sessions Every Saturday: Play Board Games with GEEKMO Student Club

    What’s the best way to have fun in the fall? That’s right: play board games at ITMO! Every weekend, the GEEKMO student club offers you the chance to try out some of the 100+ games in their collection, including recent titles – and even some developed at ITMO. We asked Vladislav Gaas, an ITMO student and the head of GEEKMO, about the best games to play at the club. 


  • A Geek’s Guide to St. Petersburg: Where to Eat, Shop, and Play

    Whatever your flavor of Geek is – graphic novels, TV shows, board and video games, or science – St. Petersburg, believe it or not, has something up your alley. Embrace your inner nerd and meet like-minded people at the city’s finest spots with our ultimate geek guide overflowing with popular stores, cool museums, and themed pizzerias. It’s time to take a slice and geek out!


  • Games to Play Remotely Together

    When was the last time you had a fast and furious board game night with your friends? I bet the answer includes some good old excuses like a vicious circle of deadlines or self-isolation, which make it hardly possible to gather. Thus, why not throw an online party and play remotely? Before you declare that nothing beats the real-life experience of scrutinizing your opponents or blowing the dust off your favorite box, check out our recommendations on top online board games to brighten up your routine.


  • Battleships and Electrons: ITMO Student Develops a VR Game for Chemistry Students

    The game gives players a chance to act as captains of space fleets and destroy all enemy ships. But to figure out the coordinates of the ships, they will have to remember the quantum numbers that describe the electrons in an atom.


  • Grand Chess Fest: ITMO Participants On Noble Game’s Unfading Appeal

    This past weekend, the Grand Chess Fest, a grandiose chess celebration bringing together professionals and amateurs alike, was held in St. Petersburg. The busy festival program included a high-profile chess tournament which saw ITMO University chess team taking first prize among business teams. ITMO.NEWS met the team members to find out what sparked their interest in chess and why this ancient game still maintains its appeal. 


  • Eco-Friendly Board Game Teaches Students to Combine Business and Sustainable Development

    Master’s students from ITMO University learned about sustainable development at a workshop on the board game Ecologic. Sustainable development is the concept of balance between humanity’s ecological, economic and social goals. This kind of balance is what Ecologic aims to inspire people to strive towards. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the game’s creators and their collaborators about what makes the game enjoyable - and beneficial to the world.