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  • Grand Chess Fest: ITMO Participants On Noble Game’s Unfading Appeal

    This past weekend, the Grand Chess Fest, a grandiose chess celebration bringing together professionals and amateurs alike, was held in St. Petersburg. The busy festival program included a high-profile chess tournament which saw ITMO University chess team taking first prize among business teams. ITMO.NEWS met the team members to find out what sparked their interest in chess and why this ancient game still maintains its appeal. 


  • Eco-Friendly Board Game Teaches Students to Combine Business and Sustainable Development

    Master’s students from ITMO University learned about sustainable development at a workshop on the board game Ecologic. Sustainable development is the concept of balance between humanity’s ecological, economic and social goals. This kind of balance is what Ecologic aims to inspire people to strive towards. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the game’s creators and their collaborators about what makes the game enjoyable - and beneficial to the world.