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  • ITMO University’s Optical Museum and the Magic of Light

    Last weekend, I visited ITMO University’s Optical Museum to get a grasp of what the future has in store – and I wasn’t disappointed. From ultra-realistic holograms to traditional optical illusions, it’s art meets science meets inspiration.


  • ITMO Researchers Create Optoclones of Unique Historical Treasures from the Russian Diamond Fund

    ITMO University, the Hellenic Institute of Holography and Gokhran Russia have collaborated on a unique collection of optoclones of unique historical treasures from the Russian Diamond Fund and the State Fund of Precious Metals and Stones. Preserved as holograms, these items have not lost a bit of their volume and luxury. Sergei Stafeev, the scientific curator of ITMO’s Museum of Optics, tells us how these copies were made and where they’ll be on display.


  • New Semester At The Children's University

    It is the start of the spring semester of the Children's University - an educational project for primary and secondary school students. Up until the mid-May, lecturers from leading educational establishments, including ITMO University, will train its participants on a weekly basis. Some of the educators who have already tried themselves as lecturers for the project shared about how it helps get children involved in science.


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