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  • Russian Participants of European XFEL Observe and Document Never-Before-Seen Effect

    A team of ITMO University specialists and their German colleagues have successfully used the world’s largest free-electron X-ray laser to conduct an experiment on ultrafast demagnetization of ferromagnetic material using femtosecond IR excitation. While studying the dynamics of this process, the scientists had discovered a new type of X-ray scattering in ferromagnetic material, which occurs immediately after the laser pulse and lasts for some 100 picoseconds. Their findings were recently presented at the European XFEL Users’ Meeting in Hamburg, which brought together over 1,300 participants from 30 countries. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Igor Pronin, the head of this project, who presented a plenary report on the study during the event.


  • A Taste for Science: Why the State Is Eager To Finance Universities' Fundamental Research?

    According to representatives of St. Petersburg's leading universities, the Ministry of Education and Science has started to issue governmental orders with regard to the university's interests in fundamental research. This is by no way accidental, as each real result implies years of theoretical work. As of now, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and ITMO University have acquired governmental support for 32 promising projects. ITMO University got funding as part of governmental orders on R&D in the field of photonics, chemistry and cyberphysics — 101 million rubles total. What is more, eight of the university's projects were financed as the base part of the governmental order, which means that the university can distribute them independently.