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  • On the Origin of Memes: Meme Scientist Explains Post-Irony and Future of Internet Culture

    Is memeology a science? This was the question posed by Taras Sychev, an editor for the online news aggregator Lentach and a “memeologist”. On December 10, he gave a lecture at ITMO University, organized by the Center for Science Communication, during which he talked about the origin of memes, the history of Russian online culture and memeplexes. ITMO.NEWS provides a rundown of Mr. Sychev’s lecture.


  • Campus Festival: Why Data Science Is All Around Us And Why Memes Are Folklore?

    Yet another Campus, a project that uses the city as a university educational festival,  recently took place in St. Petersburg. Adherers of popular science gathered in nine bars across the city to enjoy lectures by both students and established scientists. The topics included moonflights , the structure of Earth,  sunmobiles, transhumanism, the problems of modern communication, archeology and many others. ITMO.NEWS visited some of these lectures to find out why people confuse Big Data with statistics and why memes are so easy to remember.


  • First Day of VK Fest: Sports of the Future

    St. Petersburg is host to the annual VK Fest. Bloggers, artists, athletes, craftsmen and musicians  made popular by the Internet perform onstage and hold workshops. ITMO University participates in VK Fest as well, setting up its own interactive zone. This year, the theme dominating ITMO University’s space is virtual sports. Visitors can try boxing and hang gliding, riding a bike and diving into the water - all in the same spot - just by putting on VR-goggles. Within its interactive zone, the University has also organized workshops on beginner robotics, 3D-printing, drones, gigantic spinners and hacking practices inspired by the “Mr. Robot” TV series.