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  • ITMO University’s Faculty Support Office: Consultations, Workshops, and Internships

    ITMO’s Faculty Support Office has opened its doors for the academic staff on Lomonosova and Chaykovskogo streets, as well as Kronverksky prospect. The office provides information, conducts workshops, and offers professional development courses and internships.


  • ITMO University's Award for Achievement in Education

    ITMO Open Education award will bring together ITMO employees who are ready to share and learn the best practices in education.


  • Meet the First Graduates of ITMO's Mentorship Program

    The student mentorship program was launched for the first time on the occasion of ITMO University’s 120th anniversary. University graduates with established careers or their own companies who are ready to share their experience acted as mentors. Around 23 mentor-mentee matches participated in the project, with some mentors working with several students. Learn more about the program, its role in creating the ITMO.Family community and the personal experiences of participants below.


  • ITMO Graduate and Owner of Chili Marketing Agency Konstantin Khomchenko: Do What You Love and Love What You Do

    The owner of the Chili Marketing agency, ITMO University graduate Konstantin Khomchenko has made his way from a manager to an owner of his own business. Konstantin doesn’t forget about his alma mater either, being a coach at ITMO University’s Accelerator. ITMO.NEWS talked to Konstantin Khomchenko to find out what obstacles are standing in the way of those wanting to launch their own business, and what to avoid when working on your own project.


  • ITMO University Professor Awarded for Mentoring

    By order of the President of the Russian Federation, head of the ITMO University Programming Technology Department Anatoly Shalyto was awarded “For Mentoring”. Only three people, including our professor, have received this honorary award, established by the decree of Vladimir Putin on March 2, 2018. The award is given for merits in the professional development of young professionals and active mentoring.