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  • ITMO Scientists Develop Ultracompact Optical Switch

    The new device includes a structure of single-atom semiconductors and an ultracompact nanoresonator. The switching is conducted with light, via changes in the exciton states in each of the two semiconductor layers. Thanks to its ultracompact size (10 nanometers long and 1.5 nanometers thick), the device can be placed on a chip for use as a logic element in computers for optical information processing. The results of this study, conducted in collaboration with Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH, South Korea), are described in an article published in ACS Nano. 


  • Optical Innovations: ITMO Researchers Create Controllable On-Chip Topological States

    A research team featuring scientists from ITMO University and the City University of New York has successfully created controllable topological states that can be selectively excited on a silicon chip. This is the first time that such an effect was induced in the infrared range and inside a structure just a few microns in size. As proved in the article published in Nano Letters, the flexible control mechanism, as well as its on-chip implementation, can serve as a foundation for disorder-robust optical microchips.


  • ITMO Researchers Develop Novel Strategy to Tailor Photonic Topological Insulators

    The team of ITMO University’s frontier laboratory Probing Fundamental Physics with Topological Metamaterials have proposed a new method of engineering photonic topological structures. At its core is the manipulation of topological properties via mutual orientation of meta-atoms. In an article published by Laser & Photonics Reviews, the physicists have theoretically and experimentally demonstrated topological edge and corner states. These results should prove instrumental in making another step towards the use of topological structures in photonic meta-devices.


  • Researchers Propose New Multipolar Lattices for Improved Metasurfaces

    Scientists from ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics have predicted a unique type of bound states in the continuum – one that is completely resistant to changes in the system parameters. This would allow researchers to control the resonance properties of metasurfaces and, eventually, to develop more efficient optical and optoelectronic devices of the next generation. The corresponding paper received special recognition from the editors of Physical Review B (Letter) and was published in the section Editor’s Suggestion.


  • Innovative Materials and Robots of All Stripes: ITMO Researchers at the Technosreda Exhibition of Scientific Achievements

    For two days, the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh) in Moscow serves as a portal into the future where everything is possible. Over 100 top-ranked universities and research centers, as well as about 30 Russian tech companies, presented their latest developments: self-driving cars and amphibious flying cars, waste sorting robots and football robots, biochips and artificial muscles, smart technologies and artificial intelligence. Researchers from ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center, Faculty of Physics, and Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics showcased nine advanced products and prototypes at the exhibition.


  • ITMO University Hosts METANANO 2021: Poster Sessions in Gather.Town and Even More International Participants

    METANANO is the only conference in Russia that focuses on nanophotonics and metamaterials. It is organized by ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering and the Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics and annually attracts hundreds of researchers from Europe, Asia, the USA, and Russia. Read on to learn what the conference was like this year and how it is different from classic scientific events.


  • Graduate Artem Cherepakhin: After ITMO, I Know Where to Go Next

    Artem Cherepakhin is a recent Master’s graduate of ITMO University. In his two years at the university, he published a number of articles and met a Nobel Prize laureate before deciding to go back to Vladivostok. Artem spoke with ITMO.NEWS about his experiences, research, future plans, and what St. Petersburg and Vladivostok have in common.


  • 230 Participants From 105 Universities Attend METANANO SCHOOL 2020

    Each year, this intense course by ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering attracts students and junior researchers from all over the world.


  • Researchers Develop Material Capable of Being Transparent or Reflective in IR Spectrum

    Modern optical devices require constant tuning of their light interaction settings. Lenses need to change focus, lidars have to emit and receive light at different angles. For that purpose, there exist various mechanical apparatuses that shift lenses, rotate reflectors, and move emitters. But what if they all were to become unnecessary? An international research team that includes staff members of ITMO University and the University of Exeter have proposed a new metamaterial capable of changing its optical properties without any mechanical input. This development could result in a significant improvement in the reliability of complex optical devices while making them cheaper to manufacture. The study was featured on the cover of the May 2020 issue of Optica.


  • Tbilisi to Host the International Conference on Metamaterials and Nanophotonics METANANO 2020

    On September 14-18, 2020, the capital of Georgia is planning to host the METANANO international conference. Held in Russia over the recent years, the event is venturing abroad to the sunlit city of Tbilisi. Despite the pandemic, the preparations for the conference are still ongoing. The organizers are thinking about how to introduce online formats into the program. Talented students, PhD researchers and young scientists wishing to attend METANANO can partake in a grants competition. Abstracts have to be sent in by March 31. More on the conditions for participation, the program, formats and speakers of the conference in this article by ITMO.NEWS.