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  • An Expert’s Opinion on the Future of Space Exploration

    For almost half a century, ever since the end of the Apollo program in 1971, humans haven’t gotten any higher than 600 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. However, some scientists believe that we may soon see a new era of space exploration. Among them is Dmitry Oliferovich, a journalist and science communicator, who gave an open lecture on Cosmonautics Day and spoke about the construction of a space station on the Moon’s orbit and sending humans to Mars. ITMO.NEWS publishes the highlights of the lecture.


  • ITMO University Scientists Develop Laser for High-Precision Satellite Navigation

    Scientists from ITMO University’s Research Institute of Laser Physics have developed a high-power laser with short pulse duration for use in a lunar laser locator. The locator will make it possible to measure the distance between the Moon and Earth with a margin of error of just a few millimeters. This would make it possible to correct calculations of celestial coordinates of the Moon in order to improve the accuracy of satellite navigation systems. An article on the new laser was published in Optics Letters.