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  • Russian Hollywood: Soyuzmultfilm Behind the Scenes

    Another installment of the Russian Hollywood series, another production studio to discover. This time, we’re stepping inside Soyuzmultfilm – a Soviet and Russian animation company based in Moscow that has shaped the childhoods of many generations in Russia and beyond. The studio gifted the world with a bevy of iconic characters, from the Soviet Winnie-the-Pooh to the mysterious Cheburashka.


  • 5 Moscow Spots in St. Petersburg

    Have you been to the Russian capital? What if we say that you need neither a train nor a plane to take a demo trip there – in fact, you can get a taste while staying right here in St. Petersburg! With this article, we’ll guide you through some iconic and hidden locations where you can feel Moscovite.  


  • The Battle of Capitals: St. Petersburg vs Moscow

    Ever since the foundation of St. Petersburg in the early 18th century, there’s been some covert rivalry between the two Russian capitals. It falls easily in line with other eternal debates: there’s iPhone vs Android, Xbox vs PlayStation – and Moscow vs St. Petersburg. Here’s what our team has to say on this ages-old matter. 


  • The Many Kremlins of Russia

    Ever visited the famous Kremlin in Moscow, the home of the President with its five palaces, four cathedrals, and a huge wall? Actually, there isn't only one Kremlin, there are many, all over Russia. Kremlin actually means fortress in the city, and we're going to introduce you to some of the most famous kremlins in the country in this article.


  • A Quick Guide to Moscow

    Over the years, we’ve written about many Russian capitals, but not the one and only Moscow. Today’s guide will rectify that with many tips and recommendations for your first encounter with this city.


  • ITMO University Team Takes Third Place in Bauman Robotics Club Tournament

    ITMO University’s first-year students visited Moscow to participate in the Bauman Robotics Club tournament, which was held at the Institute of Control Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The St. Petersburg participants were the only team that wasn’t representing Bauman Moscow State Technical University at the competition, and took third place on its completion. ITMO.NEWS contacted the team to find out about their experience.