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  • My Russian Mushroom Picking Adventure

    I certainly enjoy a good sleep-in on the weekend, so when I got a text saying “Let's go mushroom picking on Saturday morning at 7am" I was a little hesitant at first. But after six years in Russia, this is only the second time I’ve received such an offer, so I was definitely up for the challenge.  


  • A Dummies Guide to Mushroom Hunting

    From late summer till autumn’s first chills, many Russians leave the comfort of their homes and dachas to go mushroom hunting. Getting up as early as possible to spend your whole day in a forest  poking about the undergrowth sure sounds like a strange idea; still, this seemingly tedious activity is ever popular. For those willing to try this traditional Russian pastime, we’ve decided to give a few tips, as well as try to figure out what exactly is so good about hunting a game that can’t run.  


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