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  • Movie Fridays: Fine Tuning

    We bet you were expecting us to cover the 2019 Oscars, werent’cha? Well our hurt is still as raw as are the emotions in that Saucy, oh sorry, Shallow duet, so we’ll save our breath for later. (Green of all things Book winning best picture? Rami Malek is best actor? Did the world end and we all ended up in hell and I knew nothing about it?) Instead, today’s Movie Fridays tackles something that, unlike a good half of the 2019 Academy awardees, we all love: music in movies. Or, to get a tad more technical, diegetic music in movies, the one that is part and parcel of their internal narrative, interacting with the characters and their surroundings. Drumroll and... please meet, some of cinema’s best musical moments, part one (of eternity)!