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  • Researchers Perform Simultaneous MR Microscopy of Two Samples With Ceramic Resonators

    An international research team that includes staff members of ITMO University has developed a ceramic dual‐resonator probe for MR microscopy that was used to produce simultaneous images of two samples; the quality of the images and the time it took them were the same as they would be for a single sample examined with a regular probe.


  • Researchers Developed Effective MR Coil for Preclinical Studies

    Researchers from ITMO University developed and tested an MR coil for high-quality imaging of the whole mouse. Such coils are required for preclinical studies of drugs, as well as for targeted examination of various body systems. Due to the design features, the new coil provides three times higher image quality than a commercial volume MR coil, usually used in such studies. The coil is low-cost and the manufacturing technology can be adapted for different studies. It was experimentally studied in collaboration with researchers from the Moscow State University. The research was published in the journal NMR in Biomedicine and sited on the cover of the issue.