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  • 10 Things to Do at St. Petersburg’s Botanical Garden

    Being a newly-minted plant lover, I never miss a chance to visit the true mecca for nature enthusiasts of all sorts that is the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden. After my latest retreat to this tropical paradise away from March’s mud and gloom, I decided to share how excited I feel about this place with a friend of mine. “How often do you go there? Every month? What on earth can you do there every month?” was her reaction. Many things, actually.


  • The Secret Life of Plants

    Plant communities come and go, moss sabotages historical sights despite humans’ best efforts, a tree can be felled with a single touch, while seemingly dead, burned-out areas become home to myriads of young seedlings. Olga Vershinina, a biologist, researcher at the Komarov Botanical Institute and a member of the Russian Botanical Society, shared facts about these and other environmental changes as part of the latest session of the talk show Break Down to Atoms.


  • ITMO University Enters Academic Ranking of World Universities for the First Time

    ITMO University has entered the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), widely known as the Shanghai Ranking. Considered one of the most objective rankings, it takes into account the universities’ bibliometric indexes and the prevalence of prestigious awards among their graduates and staff. ITMO University entered the ranking in the 801-900 position. 


  • Scientists “Hack” Regulatory Mechanism of Immune Cell Activity

    An international research team has described new molecular mechanisms regulating the activity of macrophages, which are crucial elements of the immune response, in a breakthrough project. Macrophage activation is regulated by the level of itaconate, which has various effects on the production of substances causing inflammation. Regulatory pathways of itaconate and its derivatives are associated with the pathogenesis of some autoimmune diseases. Experiments on mice and isolated human cells have shown that these substances can significantly alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis. The results of this study are published in Nature.


  • ITMO’s Researchers for Nature: How Does New Ultra-Compact Laser Work?

    Among others articles in January’s issue of Nature there is "Optical physics: Supercavity lasing" article by ITMO’s researchers Yuri Kivshar and Mikhail Rybin, devoted to research by physicists from University of California, San Diego. In the article Russian researchers talk to representatives of scientific fields, unrelated to photonics, about compact infrared lasers of a new generation that use bound states in the continuum (BICs) concept.