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  • How to Start New Year Properly According to Russian Folk Culture

    There are numerous dos and don’ts in folk culture when it comes to winter holidays, since this is one of the most crucial periods of the year that sets the tone for how the next year is going to go. Are some of these still applicable today? Can we learn anything from them? Let’s find out.


  • New Year in Russia: Traditional Snacks & Appetizers

    With Olivier, furry herring, and a zillion other mayo mixes, Russians take their festive foods very seriously. Apart from these New Year’s mainstays, the tables will soon be piled high with other, no less delicious meals that are a hit with everyone.


  • How Indigenous Peoples of Russia Celebrate New Year

    ​Most, if not all, cultures feel the need to mark the day when one annual cycle ends and a new one begins. The date and the way of celebration, however, differ.


  • From ITMO With Love: A Science Postcard For the New Year

    New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for a flight of fantasy. Having been your guides to the world of science at ITMO throughout the year, we’ve wondered: what if all the different specialists were to throw a party where they wouldn’t simply share their discoveries but demonstrate what they’ve achieved? And this is what we got: the most scientific New Year’s postcard from ITMO – with infinite-charge string lights, healthy cookies, robots of every kind, and more. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.


  • How To Spend the Holidays in St. Petersburg

    Festive strolls around the city, dazzling light shows, and more – here’s your action plan for the upcoming holidays and beyond.


  • 5 Surprising Facts About Russian New Year

    What’s Old New Year? Who is Kysh Babay? And why won’t a new year come unless Zhenya and his friends go to the banya? Find all the answers below.


  • Find Your Holiday Spirit Steps Away from ITMO Campuses

    Are you too busy to decorate your home for the holidays or does your seasonal jolliness need some help? Take a few steps away from campus and you will be swept with a whirlwind of shining holiday decorations. Here are some ideas where to go.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: December 17-18, 2022

    Two days of exploring the local art scene, flourishing and incredibly rich, followed by a touch of all things festive – that’s what St. Petersburg’s winter wonderland is about to bring us this weekend, adding to a record-breaking snowfall we get to experience throughout the week.


  • Holidays in Russia: International Students’ Insights

    Most of us are geared up for the upcoming celebration: Christmas trees are decorated, arrangements are made, movie marathons are planned. But what about our international students? For most of them, this New Year is going to be the first one spent away from their homes and families. We wanted to make sure they’re also ready to have a good time, so we asked them to share their plans and wishes for these winter holidays.


  • Have Yourself a Vegan Russian New Year

    If you’re worried you can’t have a complete Russian New Year experience as a vegan, we are here to prove you wrong. Here is our handy guide on how to greet 2022 (or any year) plant-based and happy. Enjoy!