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  • ITMO Researchers Propose Technology For More Efficient Detection of Hazardous Gas Leaks in Production

    Scientists from ITMO University have designed a way to increase the sensitivity of gas detectors, traditionally used in the gas and oil industry to prevent gas leaks. The answer may be a novel, laser-based technology that modifies chalcogenide films that make up the core of gas detection systems.


  • Natural Waste to Slow Down Climate Change: ITMO Fellow Randa Ghonim on Cleaning Oil Spills With Green Technologies

    Oil spills produce billions’ worth of damage every year, as well as irredeemably damage marine ecosystems. The existing methods used to clean up oil spills are expensive, ineffective, and sometimes produce harmful byproducts for the environment. Randa Ghonim, a researcher at the City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications (SRTA-City), Egypt, believes that biodegradable natural waste could be used effectively to clean up oil spills. She conducted part of the work on this project at ITMO University as an ITMO Fellow. How can we use rice straw to get rid of oil spills? Read on to find out.


  • ITMO Student and Sirius & Rosneft Joint Program Moderator Yulia Shutova: Don’t Say Something Is Impossible, Just That It’s Needed to Be Done

    ITMO University first-year Master’s student Yulia Shutova was invited by the Sirius research and education center to become one of the moderators of its program for school students, implemented by the center in collaboration with the Rosneft company. As part of the program, school students take part in the development of IT concepts for the tasks faced by the company, one of the leaders of the oil market. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Yulia to find out what lessons she got from working with children, how VR technologies could be of use in oil production and how her Master’s project helped in solving one of the tasks set by Rosneft.


  • Data Analysis and Scientific Approach: New Technologies Effect on Oil Sector

    Today machine learning helps companies to find a profitable location for a new salespoint, optimize purchases and improve employee efficiency. Artificial intelligence can tell you how to work with clients, keep them and increase their loyalty. Along with retailers and finance specialists, the energy industry is developing a large number of new technology projects. “The fourth industrial revolution dictates new rules for oil companies”, believes Pavel Sorokin, head of the Interaction with Universities Department and the Personnel Management Department of Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center. In his lecture at ITMO University he presented the changes in modern industry, talked about the specialists in demand and explained the companies focus on fundamental education and cooperation with leading Russian universities.


  • ITMO Scientists Develop New Protective Pipeline Coating

    For several months a scientific team from ITMO University collaborated with scientists from the science division of JSC “Kronos SPb” on the creation of a new coating type intended to protect oil and gas pipelines from corrosion. The resulting coating meets all of the modern requirements and retains its protective properties under high temperatures. Evgenia Guseva, a postgraduate student at ITMO University’s Department of IT in the Fuel and Energy Industry and one of the creators of this material, spoke to ITMO.NEWS about what makes this new coating stand out among its existing counterparts on the market.