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  • ITMO Staff Develop Cloud Platform for Virtual Labs

    The platform will allow students to perform their lab projects online and professors – to create hybrid laboratories based on real and virtual equipment, as well as automate the process of issuing and checking of students’ assignments.


  • Free Online Courses to Help You Keep New Year’s Resolutions

    Every December we make New Year’s resolutions to help us get healthier, stronger and smarter in the coming year. Here is a rundown of the best free online courses from three different websites that will help you keep your resolutions and reach your goals.


  • How Do Russian MOOC Platforms Compete With World Top MOOC Providers? Courseburg Investigates

    Can Russian online learning platforms compete with their popular international counterparts? How many users leave online learning platforms annually? And why is there such a low level of participation in digital education amongst Russians? Analysts of the Courseburg Russian online learning platform explored these questions in their latest study, which breaks down data gained from five biggest online learning platforms.