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  • ITMO’s Mega Contest: Get Into a Master’s Program Without Exams

    November 15 marked the start of the third season of ITMO’s Mega Contest, winners of which will get to enter the university’s Master’s programs without exams and receive relocation packages when moving to St. Petersburg. The contest is open to Bacherlor’s students and graduates from all over Russia. Read on to learn all you need to know about the contest. 


  • Online Competition in Physics by ITMO and St. Petersburg State University: First Qualifying Round

    The first qualifying round of the online competition in physics for school students has recently come to an end. The organizers of the event, ITMO University included, are now getting ready for the second qualifying round, which will be held on January 18-25. ITMO.NEWS talked to the organizers and found out what makes this competition special, how to prepare for it, and what perks it gives if you want to enroll in ITMO University.