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  • Summer Camp in Optical System Design: Teaching Students Practical Skills

    This summer, ITMO University held the Camp in Optical System Design for the fifth consecutive year. It welcomed participants from Turkey, Germany and Belarus, as well as from other Russian universities. We caught up with Sahin Umsu from Turkey and Natalia Erhova from Moscow, Russia to learn about their experience. 


  • Scientists Create Antilaser for Bose-Einstein Condensate of Ultracold Atoms

    An international team of scientists has developed the world's first antilaser for the coherent perfect absorption of waves in a Bose-Einstein condensate of ultracold atoms. For the first time, scientists have demonstrated the fundamental possibility of this process for the waves propagating in a nonlinear medium. The obtained results can be used to manipulate superfluid flows, create atomic lasers, and also study nonlinear optical systems. The results were published in Science Advances.


  • ITMO Helps Train Optical Systems Design Specialists in Collaboration with European Union

    ITMO University has successfully completed its participation in the ADOPSYS (ADvancedOPticalSYStemDesign) project, conducted as part of the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme’s Marie Curie international mobility fellowship. The project aims to train elite young specialists in the field of applied optics. Per the grant’s provisions, the university was to educate a European student on the design of applied optical systems. Project work was conducted at ITMO’s Research Laboratory for Computer-Aided Design of Optical-Information and Energy Saving Systems.


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