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  • Startups Present Eye-Treatment Neural Network, Physical Therapy Globe at FT Startup Drive

    Resident startups of ITMO’s Future Technologies acceleration program have presented their projects at a pitch session for investors, mentors, members of the press and special guests at the event FT Startup Drive. This is a new format of presentation in which the top priority is placed on the quality of the jury and the expert pool as opposed to the number of guests. Participants had the chance to get personal advice from members of the jury and the mentors.


  • Startup Pallium Promises Smarter AI

    Pallium is a startup working on a platform for rapid learning, safe storage and easy deployment of AI models in a decentralized environment. Pallium is like a "school" where you can train your artificial intelligence or provide data or computing power to teach other AI models in exchange for rewards. Rewards are tokens that can be spent on training other models or withdrawn through an exchange. Pallium is currently a member of the Future Technologies acceleration program at ITMO University’s Business Incubator. How does it work and why do we need it? Find out that and much more in our interview with Pallium co-founder Anton Zhuravlev.


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