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  • Enrolling As an ITMO Star: A Wealth of Opportunities

    Four years ago, ITMO University launched ITMO.STARS, a unique initiative that allows applicants to enroll at the university based on their personal accomplishments. Several dozens of gifted students entered the university as ITMO.STARS since – and this year the first cohort of them is graduating with their Bachelor’s degrees. In this special series, we present seven stories of these first graduates, who share how taking part in ITMO.STARS changed their lives, what projects they are implementing at the university, and what they are dreaming of next.


  • University College Dublin's Prof. John T. Sheridan on Holography, Career, and Irish Culture

    This November, one of the top experts in the world of photonics will conduct a series of open lectures for ITMO students. ITMO.NEWS spoke with Professor John T. Sheridan about the future of holography, academic networking, and why he believes it’s better to think it over ten times before becoming a professor.