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  • New Magnetically Controlled Thrombolytic Successfully Passed Preclinical Testing

    New anti-thrombosis drug based on magnetite nanoparticles and developed at ITMO University has been successfully tested on animals. Preclinical studies conducted as part of the project "PHARMA 2020" showed the drug’s high efficacy and no side effects, with the clot dissolution rate being twenty times shorter than that of traditional medications. The range of permissible concentrations is very high, and the minimum dose of the active substance required to achieve the desired effect was a hundred times smaller than usual. The results are published in Applied Materials and Interfaces.


  • SCAMT Lab's Anna Fakhardo Talks Nanobots and Cancer Research

    How does the nation’s top IT university develop biotechnologies? By bringing in the right researchers! Anna Fakhardo, a second-year PhD student at ITMO’s International Laboratory “Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies” (SCAMT), is one of the first to initiate biological research at the lab. The young scientist also oversees two projects as part of the Pharma 2020 federal program, which both include pre-clinical trials. In late 2017, she became the recipient of the SCAMT Achievement Award. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Anna about her research.