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  • What to Do if Photons Entangle You?

    Quantum computing is widely discussed nowadays. Reading about it, one constantly meets such terms as "superposition", "spin" and "photon entanglement." So what do they mean?


  • Researchers Find Way to Enhance Photon Entanglement

    Scientists from ITMO University figured out how to design more efficient and compact devices for generating pairs of entangled photons. The research team found that the number of entangled photons increased when the light beam passed through a special nanolattice compiled of metal layers. The effect of entanglement is enhanced by a strong electrical field arising in the lattice. Previously, such experiments could not be analyzed theoretically, which is why the new method opens big opportunities in designing a wide range of quantum devices, for example, elements of optical computers and secure communication systems. The results were published in Physical Review Letters.