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  • Phygital Sports Facility To Appear at ITMO Highpark

    Education officials, authorities, athletes, experts in medicine, rehabilitation, and phygital environments, as well as AR/VR developers met for a strategy session to discuss the construction of a phygital sports complex at ITMO Highpark. The facility, which will be a part of the to-be techno valley, will include an esports arena, a concert and exhibition venue, and a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities. The initiative will be funded by private entrepreneurs.


  • Cyber-Karate and Fitness Trackers: New Phygital Technologies for Sports

    How are modern technologies making conventional and phygital types of sports more accessible and exciting? More than 750 participants gathered for a discussion on the topic at the nationwide youth contest Phygital Sporttech Innovations Cup. At the finals, which took place at ITMO, businesspeople, students, and staff of Russian universities showed off tech projects that aim to make life easier for coaches, athletes, and amateurs alike. More about the top projects and their benefits – in our article.


  • ScienceFest, Day 2: Phygital Technologies And The New Approach To Museums

    The second day of ScienceFest was mostly dedicated to such subjects as space and robots. Among other topics, the public especially enjoyed the Teslatoriumtheater, the lecture by Oleg Yusupov and Ivan Unitskiy on phygital interfaces, as well as the presentation by Sergei Stafeev who gave a review on modern museums' new features from quite an original point of view.