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  • Nature Inside: Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Gardening

    Looking for ways to add some color to your room? Get some plants! From buying a houseplant that speaks to you to keeping it alive, here are some basics of greening up your life.  


  • The Wild Side of Slavic Folklore: Animals, Plants and Related Beliefs

    The study of wildlife isn’t limited to biology and zoology – you can also approach it in a mythological and symbolic manner. That’s what our ancestors did and, thanks to folklore, we can try and perceive nature through their eyes, too.


  • Plant Vision: Art & Science Students Study Sensing in Plants

    First year Master’s students of ITMO’s Art & Science program have conducted a series of studies on photoreception in higher plants. The research was based on the hypothesis that plants have simple eyes, ocelli – thanks to which plants might be able to perceive their surroundings.


  • Scientists Develop Method to Facilitate Plant Growth with Glass-Ceramics Lamps

    Many may have seen bright pink light in some windows – it comes from special lamps that are used for providing sufficient lighting to house plants. Similar lamps are also used by farmers in greenhouses. Still, specialists in photophysiology argue that such lamps do not provide all the light that plants need. Scientists from ITMO in collaboration with their colleagues from Tomsk Polytechnic University came up with an idea to create light sources from ceramics with the addition of chrome: the light from such lamps offers not just red but also infrared (IR) light, which is expected to have a positive effect on plants’ growth. The research was completed as part of a Russian Science Foundation grant, and the results were published in Optical Materials.


  • 10 Things to Do at St. Petersburg’s Botanical Garden

    Being a newly-minted plant lover, I never miss a chance to visit the true mecca for nature enthusiasts of all sorts that is the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden. After my latest retreat to this tropical paradise away from March’s mud and gloom, I decided to share how excited I feel about this place with a friend of mine. “How often do you go there? Every month? What on earth can you do there every month?” was her reaction. Many things, actually.


  • The Secret Life of Plants

    Plant communities come and go, moss sabotages historical sights despite humans’ best efforts, a tree can be felled with a single touch, while seemingly dead, burned-out areas become home to myriads of young seedlings. Olga Vershinina, a biologist, researcher at the Komarov Botanical Institute and a member of the Russian Botanical Society, shared facts about these and other environmental changes as part of the latest session of the talk show Break Down to Atoms.