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  • We’ve Done It Again: ITMO in Top-3 of Potanin Scholarship Contest

    ITMO is once again among the three universities whose students took the most winning spots at the Vladimir Potanin Scholarship Contest. Overall, 75 Russian universities took part in the event.


  • More Than a Stipend: Why To Participate and How To Prepare for Vladimir Potanin Foundation Scholarship Competition

    Applications to the Vladimir Potanin Foundation scholarship competition are accepted until November 20. Winners will receive 25,000 rubles monthly until the end of their studies. The contest is open to first- and second-year Master’s students from 75 universities – including ITMO – participating in the program.


  • Third Year in a Row: ITMO in Top Three of Potanin Foundation’s University Ranking

    Among the total of 75 universities participating in the Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s scholarship contest, ITMO made it to the top three for the third year in a row. 


  • ITMO in Top-Three of Potanin Foundation Scholarship Contest

    The Vladimir Potanin Foundation recently announced the winners of its scholarship contest for Master’s students – this year, 61 ITMO University students were included in the list. Starting from February 2022 and until the end of their Master’s studies they, as well as other winners, will receive a monthly stipend of 25,000 rubles. In total, students from 75 Russian universities took part in the contest. ITMO and Lomonosov Moscow State University share second place in the amount of their students who were granted the scholarship this year.


  • ITMO University in Top-Three of Potanin Foundation Scholarship Contest

    ITMO University became one of the top three leading universities according to the results of the annual Potanin Foundation Scholarship Contest. The competition brought together a total of 75 Russian universities.


  • ITMO in Top-Three of Potanin Foundation Scholarship Contest

    Almost 60 ITMO University students have received this year’s Potanin Foundation Scholarship. Thus, the university came third behind St. Petersburg State University and Lomonosov Moscow State University. The students will receive a monthly stipend of 25,000 rubles until the end of their Master’s studies. We talked to the winners about their achievements in research and beyond, discussed the qualities that helped them seize victory, and asked them for advice to anyone wishing to take part in the contest next year. 


  • ITMO University Holds Course on Science Communication for Scholars and Grantees of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

    The program aims to familiarize university staff with the recent practices in science communication and help them develop a communication strategy to promote their own projects. A total of 50 people from nearly 40 regions of Russia have recently become the first participants of the course. The program will run until the end of 2021.


  • ITMO University Hosts Potanin Scholarship Contest Finals

    The on-site round of the Potanin scholarship contest for Master’s students was held in eight Russian cities between January 22 and February 10. The organizers usually keep the tasks of the on-site round secret, but their format is known to be not unlike that of business simulation games and case competitions. We asked representatives of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation about the aims of the contest and the qualities of a perfect candidate. The candidates themselves told us what motivated them to take part in the competition and the tasks they had to solve during the on-site round. 


  • Master’s Degree ++: Experts, Organizers and Participants on the Formula for an Ideal Master’s Program

    On April 25-27, ITMO University hosted the Master’s Degree ++ conference, which it organized together with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. The event brought together winners of the Potanin scholarship contest for educators, experts from leading Russian and international universities, representatives of federal and regional agencies, business and nonprofit organizations. Over the course of three days, the specialists participated in discussions and practical sessions aimed at the identification of best practices of implementation of modern Master’s studies. ITMO.NEWS met the organizers and participants to find out what ideas the conference helped to establish, and what are the areas of growth Russian Master’s programs could benefit from exploring.


  • Gamified Education and Blockchain for IPs: Winners of Potanin Foundation’s Grant Competition

    This year, the Potanin Foundation’s grant competition for Master’s-level educators has received 881 applications from 72 Russian universities. 100 participants of the competition will receive grants of up to 500,000 rubles. Of 28 applications submitted by ITMO University staff, three have been named among the winners. What are these projects? Learn below.