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  • Picture of the Week: FESTO Robot Vision Cell With Complex Arm Movement

    The picture demonstrates the FESTO robot vision cell, consisting of a Mitsubishi robot, its auxiliaries, and a protective case, which is used by students as a training platform for working with industrial robots.


  • What ITMO’s Latest Lab Equipment Expansion Means for Student Research

    ITMO University has recently acquired a major batch of new lab equipment: from simple lab kits to professional machinery. Read on to learn what opportunities this offers for ITMO students.


  • ITMO University Students Participate in Training on Oil Production Simulators Used by Gazprom Neft

    During a recent training event at ITMO University, specialists and internal coaches from Gazprom Neft familiarized students with virtual simulators for oil workers and talked them through the nuances of oil extraction on land, in the shelf area, and at sea. ITMO.NEWS reports.


  • First Graduates of Game Development Technologies Master’s Program: You Cannot Just Be a Programmer in GameDev

    This year marks the graduation of the first ever intake of the “Game Development Technologies” Master’s program. The former students are now on their way to changing the world of videogames. We had the chance to talk to the graduates and their professors about the benefits of this program, as well as  what it is that makes a game developer stand out from other IT specialists and makes people want to become one.


  • SCAMT Workshop Week: English-Language Summer School on Topical Research and Cutting-Edge Equipment

    On June 24-30, ITMO University’s SCAMT Laboratory held the international summer educational course SCAMT Workshop Week. Participants from Greece, Iran, China and Russia attended lectures and workshops and collaborated on projects in groups. The main goal of the course was to help the young scientists obtain experience of working with modern equipment and achieve a practical, real-world result.


  • Business Model Canvas: Visualizing Your Business Ideas

    What is Business Model Canvas and how can it help startupers in forming and developing their business ideas in the shortest amount of time possible? This was the focus of an intensive workshop recently hosted by ITMO University, the participants of which included over 20 students from Russia and Finland. The workshop was delivered by experts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), who also shared about other tools for management of business processes and the difference in business approaches in Russia and Finland.


  • Head of Mitsubishi Electric’s Department of Conditioning Systems: Why Working with Universities Is Our Top Priority

    ‘Development Trends of Life Support Systems’, a new educational project organized by ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems together with the Russian branch of Mitsubishi Electric, the world’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art utility systems, has just started at ITMO University. The project consists of a series of workshops by the company’s specialists, who will brief students on which cooling solutions for data storage and processing centers have already been developed since the start of the ‘Yarovaya package’ implementation period, and how Mitsubishi Electric’s heat pumps, as well as split-air conditioning and water-cooling systems are used in the industry and beyond. The project will give the students, researchers and scientists of ITMO University a unique opportunity to learn more about hi-tech equipment and the latest trends in the field of energy conservation and renewable energy technologies. ITMO.NEWS met with Alexandra Bazhanova, Head of Mitsubishi Electric Russia North-West’s Department of Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating Systems, to discover which goals the company plans to achieve by cooperating with universities and why young professionals need to be up-to-date with the modern trends in the field they are, or will be working in.


  • Novgorod State University Hosts ITMO.REGIONS Innovation Weekend

    Last weekend, Novgorod State University hosted an intensive workshop on strategy and project management, which was given by ITMO University experts as part of the interregional network program of the ITMO.REGIONS startup school. The event was supported by the University of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) 2035. ITMO specialists provided insight into best practices of creating an efficient ecosystem for supporting innovation entrepreneurship in universities and shared topical how-tos and practical skills with aspiring student entrepreneurs and scientists. 


  • WorldSkills: How World-Class Specialists are Trained in Russia

    At the international skill competition WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, Russia’s select team has placed first according to its total score with 11 medals and 21 medallions of excellence. Vadim Polyakov, who trained for two years at ITMO’s Center of Competencies, won the gold medal in the category “Refrigeration and Air Conditioning”. Over the years of its operation, the Center has prepared numerous champions of skills competitions – even though only five years ago very few people in Russia knew what the WorldSkills standards are and what skills every modern professional has to possess. Andrey Pivinskiy, member of the WorldSkills Russia expert council, explains how Russia has learned to train champions in just a few years and why WorldSkills is important for universities and the industry.


  • Deputy Head of St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Center: Why the City Needs IT Experts and How to Create Systems for the Government

    How the “Smart City” system works, what kinds of programmers does St. Petersburg need right now and what is the difference between working as an IT expert at a commercial firm and at a government enterprise? Starting in September 2017, the Department of State Information Systems Management will form a supervisory board for the Master’s degree program “State Information Systems Management”. The board will include representatives from the city’s various businesses and enterprises at which the future graduates might find employment. Its main task is to provide IT-specialists with practice-oriented training. First deputy head of St. Petersburg Information and Analytics Center, professor Yuri Zakharov, will serve as chair of the board and program coordinator. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he spoke about how information systems for government use are created and which skills IT-specialists need to possess if they want to start a career in this field.