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  • Ivan Deyneka on Being a PI and Designing High-Precision Sensors and Communication Networks

    Principal Investigators (PIs) become a more and more popular academic position. Are there established PIs in Russia? What prospects do they see in their work? We asked scientists from ITMO University who lead their own research teams and complete major projects for industrial partners to answer these and other related questions. In the first issue of the series, researcher Ivan Deyneka will discuss working on several large projects at once and becoming a PI by the age of 33.


  • Research & Manage: Who Are Principal Investigators?

    Modern science is becoming more and more like an industry – there’s a constant increase in research pace and competitiveness. That’s why breakthrough discoveries are made by teams, not separate specialists. Leaders of such teams are called principal investigators (PIs). They manage research projects, always know what’s relevant, and are responsible for their teams and the results they achieve. We talked to Alexey Slobozhanyuk, a coordinator of ITMO’s strategic project Scientific Breakthrough, to find out more about this profession.