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  • ITMO Retains Top Spot Among Priority 2030 Participants

    The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education has summed up the second year of the national program Priority 2030. ITMO University has once again shown great results, maintaining its stance as the top participant of the Research Leadership track. In 2024, the university will receive an additional 529 million rubles on top of the base grant.


  • ITMO 2030 Development Strategy: Open Call for Projects Receives 50+ Applications

    Applications are now closed for the open call for projects within ITMO’s 2030 Development Strategy. Across the five categories, a total of 58 submissions were received – including eight by teams from other universities and businesses.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #21

    We invite you to enjoy this year’s final digest of science news from ITMO University. Today, we’ve got: a breakthrough in the fight against autoimmune disease, curious projects from the realm of FoodTech, an interview with one of ITMO’s most decorated students, and more.


  • ITMO Named Best Within Priority 2030 Program

    Last year marked the launch of Priority 2030, a national program aimed at comprehensive development of the Russian higher education system. According to a recent performance review conducted by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, ITMO has demonstrated the highest results among the participants of the program’s research leadership track. This achievement secured the university with an additional 820 million rubles in funding to be received alongside the core part of the grant in 2023.


  • Academic Corporations, Not Universities: Skolkovo Institute Head Andrey Volkov on the Future of Universities and PIs in Russia

    A series of open lectures was held as part of ITMO PI School: Rising Stars on May 18-19. The event brought together leading experts from the Skolkovo Innovation Center, academia representatives, and ITMO research leaders to discuss which specialists universities need and how Russian science and education sectors are transforming in general. One of the speakers was Andrey Volkov, the head of Skolkovo’s Public Strategy Institute, a professor at the Moscow School of Management, and a supervisor of Project 5-100 and the Priority 2030 program, who spoke about how the transformation started, how universities are changing today, and why they should evolve into academic corporations instead.


  • ITMO Open Science Rocks Festival Takes Place at Sevkabel

    ITMO University’s festival Open Science Rocks that took place at Sevkabel Port proved that science truly rocks! Throughout the day, both experienced and young scientists, including school and university students, discussed their projects, achievements, and future plans. Read on to find out more.


  • ITMO’s First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova Joins Expert Group for Development of Russian Far-East Universities

    During a recent strategic session in the city of Vladivostok, heads of universities from 11 regions of the Russian Far East were joined by experts and government representatives to discuss the development strategies of universities participating in the upcoming Priority 2030. Far East initiative. ITMO University’s First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova also took part in the session.


  • ITMO Launches an Open Call for Citizen Science Projects

    ITMO University together with the Russian Association of Communicators in Education and Science’s platform People of Science launches an Accelerator for citizen science projects in St. Petersburg. The initiative is supported by the Priority 2030 program.


  • First Project Defenses Held as Part of ITMO’s 2030 Development Strategy

    A recent session of ITMO University’s Coordination Council included an interim review of the first projects implemented as part of the university’s 2030 Development Strategy. Four teams reported on their progress thus far; instead of a formal report, the defenses took place as open discussions. In addition, project members conducted tours of their laboratories and showed their working process. Read on to learn more in this ITMO.NEWS report.


  • Highly Personalized Education: ITMO Adopts New Educational Standards

    On January 25, 2022 ITMO’s Academic Council approved the new edition of the university’s educational standards (available here in Russian). Now, all ITMO students starting from their second semester will be able to fully adjust their individual learning tracks according to their goals and study more efficiently. Read on to learn what the new standards introduce, how they will be implemented, and which opportunities they offer to students and teaching staff.