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  • Student Spotlight: Vladimir Kartashev, Kyrgyzstan

    His passion for programming, zeal for academic excellence, and desire to do good brought Vladimir Kartashev, an international Bachelor's student from Kyrgyzstan, to ITMO. Here, he puts all his rigor into his studies and projects, but also makes sure to spend some time exploring the city to the sounds of his favorite music. Read on to discover his story in full in this interview.


  • Programmer’s Day at ITMO University: Programming Championship, IT Lectures, and Online Concert

    On the 256th day of each year, programmers from all over the world celebrate their professional holiday. On this occasion, ITMO University hosted an online festival with music, prizes from VK, games, and popular science lectures.


  • Relocation, Accelerated Training, and Comfortable Workplaces: Ways of Addressing the Lack of IT Specialists in the Labor Market

    80,000 IT specialists graduate from Russian universities each year, but even this is far from enough to cover the market’s demand. How to make up for the lack of IT workers and stop them from emigrating? What are the prospects of IT labor market development? HR directors of IT companies, St. Petersburg local government officials and universities representatives have addressed these questions during a panel discussion at the ‘Gigabytes of Offices’ conference.