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  • Congress of Young Scientists: Projects in Inclusive Education

    Last month’s 10th Congress of Young Scientists included a session initiated by ITMO’s Center for Inclusive Education. Students from all across Russia – from Murmansk to Yekaterinburg – presented projects that focus on improving the lives of people with disabilities.


  • For Commitment to Science: Applications Open for National Academic Prize by Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education

    The Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s prize “For Commitment to Science” recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the promotion of scientific knowledge. The award is open to journalists and media specialists, as well as students, science communicators, museum staff, exhibition curators, and other public figures.


  • ITMO University Presents Projects on Ecology of Big City and Baltic Sea Day International Forums

    The forums displayed two ITMO projects: “Business in biotechnology and circular economy” and “Pskov power station as the center of ecotechnologies and industrial symbiosis in Russia”.


  • Architectural Utopia: 5 Never-Implemented Soviet Projects

    What would St. Petersburg and Moscow have been like if...? Although history has already been written, sometimes it can be an eye-opening experience to see our what-ifs taking shape – at least on paper. If you can hardly imagine a different Russia, then take a look at these five architectural projects that, for better or worse, never got to see the light of day. From splendid palaces reaching to the sky to the Russian Eiffel Tower – here’s a glimpse into an alternative future of Russia.


  • Demo Day at ITMO Preaccelerator: the Best Projects Presented

    In mid-February, ITMO Preaccelerator hosted Demo Day, during which 14 teams presented their projects. Among them were both beginners and already functioning businesses. ITMO.NEWS put together a summary of the presentations.


  • ITMO Staff and Students Launch New Popular Science Project on War History

    Having secured the special Seed Grants funding from the university’s Digital Humanities Research Center, ITMO students and staff members are launching a new popular science project with a focus on history. There, they teach neural networks to “reimagine” the letters sent from the battlegrounds during World War II to attract the public to the challenge of keeping alive the memory of the WWII heroes and victims. 


  • How ITMO Helps School Students Become Inventors

    Kid Inventors' Day is held annually on January 17 to encourage creativity in kids. Aleksei Shchekoldin, head of ITMO's technopark for children ITMO.KIDS, spoke with ITMO.NEWS about opportunities for school students and ways to create their first projects at school.


  • New Project Defense Format: Study Physics and Improve Soft Skills

    In late December, the students of ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering were first to try the new format of project defense aimed not only to expand their knowledge of the subject but also to train their presentation and teamwork skills.


  • Results of ITMO.FUTURE Contest Unveiled

    On December 10, projects submitted as part of the ITMO.FUTURE contest were presented at a final defense. A total of 22 projects made it to the final stage; their creators will receive monetary prizes for their contribution to the university’s development.


  • Beneath the Pavement, Not the Beach: First Art & Science Conference on Soil

    In 2013, the United Nations declared December 5 as the first official World Soil Day, and ever since, it has been held annually throughout the world. In Russia, it was first celebrated at the Dokuchaev Central Soil Museum, named after a pioneer of soil science.