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  • Interview With Dr. Alfried Laengle: Doing Something That Makes You Happy Is Enough

    Dr. Alfried Längle is a well-known Austrian psychologist and psychotherapist, who founded a new approach in psychotherapy called Existential Analysis, grounded in the existential philosophy and phenomenology as well as in the ideas of Viktor Frankl with whom Dr. Längle was collaborating many years. Existential Analysis looks for a deeper meaning in life that can provide inner fulfillment, a serious feeling of happiness, because our inner commitment to what we do is what makes our lives happy and fulfilled. But how do you find this deeper meaning in the multitude of possibilities open to us nowadays? How do you avoid the temptation to choose what seems to be an easier way to happiness? How do you stop regretting your choices and worrying about missed opportunities?


  • To Fear or Not to Fear: Psychologist Alexander Palin on the Nature of Phobias

    The first step to fighting your fear is to learn more about it. In this ITMO.NEWS article, Alexander Palin, a board certified psychiatrist and therapist, explains how phobias work, where they come from, and whether it is possible to battle them.


  • ‘Free From Sulfates, Phosphates, and Parabens’: What Is Chemophobia and How Is It Tackled at ITMO

    You may not have heard about chemophobia, but this fear of chemical substances is a vastly more widespread phenomenon than it may seem at first glance. 


  • ITMO’s SciComm Graduate on Psychological Education: The Topic of Mental Health is Still Stigmatized in Russia

    In this interview, graduate of ITMO’s SciComm Master’s program Ekaterina Beltyukova talks about her project, in which she analyzed services helping people find therapists, and explains what psychological education is and why it is important. 


  • Andrey Breslav on Kotlin, Time-Management, and Being a Programmer

    Several years ago, ITMO University graduate Andrey Breslav joined the development team of the international company JetBrains, where he oversees the creation of a new programming language Kotlin. In the past year alone, Kotlin has been used by more than two million developers worldwide; it has also become an official programming language for Android, and set its sights on entering the top-five of world’s most popular programming languages in the near future. In parallel to his work at JetBrains, Andrey is busy running his own project, service app Alter, which helps users find a personal psychotherapist based on a special searching algorithm. In his recent open interview held as part of the project ‘Everything Is Possible in St. Petersburg’, Andrey shared about how to develop a new programming language from scratch, create a global product being based in St. Petersburg, and still squeeze out some time for other activities.