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  • ITMO Experts Confirm: Electrical Cardioversion Safe to Conduct at Smaller Clinics

    Researchers from ITMO University have demonstrated that electrical cardioversion, a procedure that helps “reset” an abnormal heart rhythm, can be safely and effectively conducted at community hospitals to treat atrial fibrillation. A paper describing the results of the study was published in BMC Cardiovascular Disorders.


  • Changing the World for the Better: Thoughts From New Head of ITMO’s Public Health Sciences Master’s Program

    At ITMO’s Public Health Sciences Master’s program, students have classes in programming, medical technologies, epidemiology, and biostatistics – all taught in English. Since March 1, the program has been headed by the endocrinologist Evgeniya Sokolova (Patrakeeva). In this interview, she tells us about the future of the program, the perfect student, and the most sought-after specialists in healthcare.


  • Data-Based Medical Solutions: How Practicing Clinicians Can Benefit From Master’s in Public Health Sciences

    In order to excel at their job, medical professionals need insights from population studies. These help to understand the spread of diseases, determine risk factors, and evaluate the effect of treatments on a wider scale. In order to operate with this data, clinicians can use statistical and sociological methods. The application of these tools for public health is the focus of ITMO’s dedicated Master’s program. We talked about the benefits of such training for medical professionals with endocrinologist Anastasia Kryuchkova, a student in the program.


  • AI in Medicine: Obstacle or Boon?

    Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly common in the medical field. Today, neural networks are used in diagnostics systems and to develop new medicines. But what about run-of-the-mill hospitals? Could AI improve the quality of everyday healthcare and reduce the workload for medical specialists? At ITMO University’s new laboratory Digital Technologies in Public Health, developers and medical specialists work together to put such systems into practice. We spoke to Anna Andreychenko, the head of the laboratory, about the benefits of automation in medicine and why clinicians shouldn’t be wary of AI.


  • ITMO Student and Cardiologist Finds Way To Prevent Medical Errors

    With 10 years of experience in working at public clinics, cardiologist Lyubov Malyugina wishes to share her experience with others. But the path she chose to do that cannot be called conventional: the specialist decided to pursue her Master’s at ITMO and create her own product – a recommendation system that can help doctors prescribe medications to arrhythmia patients and reduce errors in a clinical setting. In her interview with ITMO.NEWS, Lyubov shares why she chose ITMO and how she plans to promote her idea.


  • Over 400 Clinicians From All Over Russia Attend (Non-)Conference at ITMO

    On July 16-17, ITMO hosted (Non-)Conference, an annual conference on evidence-based medicine, ethics, and social issues. The event is part of the non-profit educational project Doc2Doc and brought together over 400 medical specialists from all over the country. Learn more about this year’s topics and format in our article.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #7

    Welcome back to our Monday Science Roundup. Hungry for knowledge? This time, we’ve got a smorgasbord of freshly-caught scientific discoveries, a tasting set of educational opportunities, and a bubbling pot of pop-sci facts!


  • How ITMO Trains Specialists in Public Health Sciences

    Last year, the university’s Center for Science Communication launched Russia’s first-ever English-language Master’s program in public health sciences. Its students train to become specialists in medical research, epidemiology, healthcare, and health economy. The program’s first students are already participating in major medical research. We spoke to Anton Barchuk, an oncoepidemiologist and head of the program, and Ksenia Spiridonova, the program’s coordinator, about the program and its benefits.


  • ITMO Launches Russia’s First English-Language Master’s Program in Public Health Sciences

    What are public health sciences and what does a specialist in that field do? How has the pandemic affected the demand for health sciences experts? ITMO University’s Center for Science Communication is launching a new English-language Master’s program titled Public Health Sciences. We spoke to Anton Barchuk, head of the program, about its educational process and the career prospects of its graduates.