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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup: 2023 Recap

    All through 2023, we’ve been keeping you updated on all the science news from ITMO. Today, we’re looking at some of the most notable, resonant, and exciting breakthroughs, discoveries, and interviews from the past 12 months


  • Can Quantum Mechanics Do Anything? Physicist Reacts to Scenes From Sci-Fi Movies

    These days, seeing a laser sword in a movie is nothing to write home about. Instead, quantum physics is all the rage in Hollywood. But do the writers actually put any real research into their scripts? Do they know how quantum computing works? What about the Quantum Realm? To find out if sci-fi movies get quantum mechanics correct, we teamed up with a scientist from ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering. Readers beware: mild spoilers ahead!


  • We Made ChatGPT Explain Quantum Physics. Here Are the Results

    Quantum physics is notoriously hard to understand. It is counterintuitive, goes against what is observable by the naked eye, and requires complex math to describe it. Is there even a way to explain things like quantum entanglement or Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in a way that is clear for everyone? This feels like a job for ChatGPT, the new chatbot that is on everyone’s mind these days. We asked the neural network several questions on quantum physics, and then had a real physicist check if ChatGPT’s explanations were accurate. Here are the results.


  • Scientists Demonstrate New Opportunities for Controlling Light in Optical Graphene

    This will help scientists and engineers to better understand the properties of light propagating in materials with a hexagonal structure, and use this knowledge in fundamental research and the development of optical devices. Physicists from ITMO took part in this research.  The article was published in Nature Photonics. 


  • Russian Scientists Develop Super Resonator in the Microwave Range

    Results of the research performed by a joint team of physicists from ITMO University, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI", and the Australian National University, can be used to design highly efficient compact elements for microwave and optical devices, particularly elements for optical computers.


  • Fabio Bagarello on Quantum Computing and Importance of Interdisciplinary Research

    Professor Fabio Bagarello from the University of Palermo (Italy) came to ITMO to give a talk on the  applications of quantum theory in the mathematical modeling of various systems. He told ITMO.NEWS about the possible use of quantum computation in modeling and why quantum computers are not on sale yet. Professor Bagarello is certain: students and scientists still have a lot to learn and work on in this field. The newly opened Master’s program "Cognitive Technologies and Quantum Intellect" - one of a kind in Russia so far - will train specialists in the field of mathematical modeling of complex socio-economic processes using modern methods of quantum information theory and cognitive technologies. Read our material and find out more about quantum computations, areas of their application and why specialists in the field of quantum mechanics need to have a good knowledge of sociology, political science and economics.


  • Probability Waves Could Be Used as “Tractor Beams” to Control Nanoobjects

    Tractor beams first became a topic of conversation two centuries ago in science fiction: the term implied a beam of light that could lift and move various objects. It is commonly associated with aliens pulling objects from Earth aboard their flying saucers. An idea that seemed improbable some decades ago has become real: scientists all over the world are coming up with ways of moving objects. Although, for now, these “tractor beams” can only move nanoparticles. An international research group that includes a scientist from ITMO University has contributed to this field of study: they have proven that de Broglie waves (probability waves), which in quantum mechanics denote a matter wave, are also capable of displaying the properties of a tractor beam.