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  • A Much-Anticipated Comeback of Quantum Potential Stand-Up Show in Sochi

    Who’s an aerospace engineer and can you become one at the age of seven? Where do theoretical physicists travel and what do they actually do? How can you turn research into a viable business? These are the topics from Quantum Potential, ITMO’s original science stand-up comedy show, which was held in Sochi as part of the evening program of the Congress of Young Scientists 2022.


  • Science Is Fun: All About the Fifth Quantum Potential, ITMO’s Science Stand-Up Show

    The “Kosmonavt” club once again turned into a haven for intellectual stand-up enthusiasts, who came to the latest installment of “Quantum Potential”. Business, IT, Big Data, a scientist’s imagination and the future of science were some of the topics on the table. The limelight, however, was on jokes and stories, as well as four professional scientists, two stand-up comedians and over 300 guests. Read on for the best puns and discussions heard on the show.


  • Quantum Potential: 400+ Attend the 4th ITMO Science Stand-Up Show

    Why do programmers need to improve their skills if we have smart devices and algorithms? Why don’t we all live in smart-homes, fly auto-piloted drones and read each other’s minds? What do genetic tests actually tell us? All of this was talked or, rather, joked about on the stage of the Kosmonavt Club by stand-up comedians participating in “Quantum Potential”. This was the fourth show of this ITMO-based stand-up club. 


  • Your Guide to Events at ITMO University in 2019-2020

    The 2019/20 academic year marks a landmark point in our University’s history as we celebrate ITMO’s 120th anniversary of founding. Students, staff, and friends of the University can expect a variety of exciting events – competitions, workshops, meetups, and more – throughout the year. In this article, we take a look at everything to look forward to in the 2019/20 academic year.


  • “Quantum Potential” Science Stand-Up Show Returns In Second Installment

    What’s the difference between programming and football championships? What makes theoretical physicists cooler than lifestyle bloggers? Last Friday, Tantsploshchadka club in St. Petersburg held the second Quantum Potential stand-up comedy show, organized by ITMO University. QP is a place for scientists to joke about their work and introduce some much-needed levity to science. This time around, the list of jokesters included Computer Technologies Department tutor Lidia Perovskaya, physicist Anton Kozubov, chemist Mikhail Kurushkin and a special guest: Russia’s youngest stand-up comedian Boris Zeliger.


  • Funny Science: ITMO Hosts Its First-Ever Science Stand-Up Show "Quantum Potential"

    Scientists are often asked about their work, but that usually happens at long lectures and with a straight face. Yes, science is very serious, but you can treat it with humor just as any other work! ITMO University organized the first scientific stand-up club "Quantum Potential" where scientists can finally joke about their work. ITMO.NEWS recorded the most amusing quotes.