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  • Portable Lab: ITMO Master’s Student On Developing a New Chemiluminescence Sensor

    A research group headed by Ksenia Kirichek has won a grant in the competition of practice-oriented R&D projects to develop a chemiluminescence sensor. The device will help detect early stages of heart attacks, diabetes and oxidative stress. Read on to learn how this new device is different from those currently on the market, what’s the technology behind it and what are its prospective applications. 


  • ITMO’s R&D Project Results and Their Applications

    Year after year, dozens, even hundreds of ITMO’s students and PhD researchers conduct their research. Their topics are set, teams are formed, projects are created and developed, their results are defended, – but what happens next? Are these results left on a dusty shelf somewhere, or do they find their application in the real world? ITMO.NEWS talked to three project leaders, PhD students and staff members at ITMO’s Faculty of Secure Information Technologies, and found out what’s in store for their PhD theses. 


  • ITMO Engineers’ New AC System Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to Historical Buildings

    A group of ITMO University engineers are testing a new air conditioning system as part of an R&D project. The system would provide a more cost-efficient way of regulating the air temperature and humidity within buildings compared to existing counterparts. Its design removes the need for a complete replacement of the ventilation system, and, because it requires no outside equipment to be installed, can also be used for buildings of historical importance. A writer for ITMO.NEWS was present during a testing stage and learned how the new system can reduce energy spending by up to 80%.


  • ITMO University’s Master’s Degree Programs in 2019: Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

    The main goal of Master’s education today is to provide students with a variety of choices to create their own development path and apply their skills in different fields. As of today, ITMO University offers four types of Master’s degree programs: research, corporate, industrial, and entrepreneurial. Sergey Kolyubin, head of the University’s Master’s Degree Department, explains how to choose the right track, apply for research grants as an ITMO student, and which opportunities for enrollment are available to prospective students.


  • When VR met AR: ITMO University Students Created a SMARRt Robot with Lots of Potential

    As part of practice-oriented R&D initiative, ITMO University students were provided with financial support which enabled them to create a robot equipped with state-of-the-art systems of synthetic vision, navigation and augmented reality. What makes this automaton stand out from other models on the market is its unique blend of VR and AR technologies. The project’s authors met with ITMO.NEWS to share about what problems the team faced in their work, which aspects were the most time-consuming and hard to pull off, and how their creation can be of help at large-scale production plants.


  • ITMO’s Academic Council Wraps Up 2017

    This year’s final meeting of ITMO University’s Academic Council took place on 26 December. The university’s R&D results were presented by ITMO’s Vice Rector for Research, Vladimir Nikiforov, while the university’s new educational standards were presented by the First Vice Rector, Daria Kozlova. 


  • Promising Projects: ITMO to Fund Innovative Ideas by Young Scientists (Part 1)

    In late September, the public sessions of selection panel of R&TD projects were held at ITMO University. Over the two days, young scientists presented more than 20 projects; the winners will receive financing from ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS is here to describe the winning projects and their developers’ visions for the future.


  • ITMO’s Team Works on Impenetrable Data Storage Systems

    Recently, a team from ITMO University won the Russian Federation Government grant on developing a system for operating a geographically distributed data storage and processing center that will make use of quantum technologies for protecting its communication channels. The project has yet no counterparts in the world. The project's initiator was the Smarts Company that deals in telecommunication networks and high-reliability communications services; ITMO University will conduct the R&D work.


  • ITMO Sets a Course on Practice-Oriented Research and Future Markets

    ITMO's Academic Board recently had a meeting focused on the results of the research activities' development in 2016 and the university's plans for future. Vladimir Nikiforov, Vice Rector for Research, gave examples of successful R&D works, disclosed the results of the university's progress and set new tasks before his colleagues. Elena Egorshina, Head of Marketing Department, told of the work of the recently opened Office for Project Management of the National Technology Initiative.