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  • How to Make a Great CV: HR Director’s Tips

    How do you make an appealing resume? What should you say at the job interview? And what do you do if you’ve got no work experience? For this year’s ITMO.Digital.CareerWeek'20, Natalia Kolkhidashvili, the HR director at Digital Design, shared useful advice for job seekers. Find the key tips below.


  • Effective, Useful, Free: Two Resume-Boosting Services for Everyone

    Created a new CV but not sure if it’s good enough? Here are two great services to help you out. The first one has just been dropped by a global technology consultancy DataArt, who intended it for IT specialists. The second one is everybody’s helping hand.


  • 7 Apps That Will Boost Your Resume

    When applying for a new job, you want to make an excellent first impression, and a nice resume can really make a difference. All you have to do is to put your strengths and achievements in a good light. Here are some great template-based apps that can give your resume a professional edge.