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  • Student Spotlight: Geraldine Guevara, Colombia

    In today’s interview, we got the opportunity to chat with a super-talented girl from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia who traveled all the way to St. Petersburg to fulfill her dream of studying abroad. Currently enrolled in the Foundation Program at ITMO, Geraldine is a future Bachelor’s student in mechatronics and robotics. But why did she choose Russia as her destination? In her words, it is the culture that enchanted her. Take a deep dive into this beautiful conversation with Geraldine, where we discuss everything from food to motorsports. 


  • Student Spotlight: Yvonne Pamela Sauramba, Zimbabwe

    Getting accustomed to a new country is tough for every international student. But once you have settled in at ITMO, it is difficult to undo that. Such has been the case for Yvonne, an international student from Zimbabwe. In our conversation, she tells us about her experience of feeling homesick and lonely during her first few months at ITMO. But now, she is absolutely enjoying her life. Read on to learn more about her life in St. Petersburg.


  • Student Spotlight: Anton Mahenge, Tanzania

    Studying abroad in Russia is exciting, but it also has its own challenges. For some, the winter is brutal, while for others, the food is quite different from what they are familiar with. But for Anton, an international student from Tanzania, no such problem exists. How so? Well, there’s a twist to his tale that he reveals later in this interview. Read on to find out.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #17

    In October’s final digest of all things science at ITMO, we’ll be covering a promising new COVID-19 test tool, the latest updates on ITMO Highpark, a rankings success – and insight-rich interviews with some of the university’s brightest minds in the realms of robotics and science art.


  • Robotics Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    The online registration for the sixth annual contest I Am a Professional is in full swing and this year, just like any other, this event is every student’s chance to enter the country’s best universities without entrance exams. ITMO University is responsible for three of the contest’s tracks, including Robotics, curated by Dmitrii Dobriborsci, an associate professor at the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. In this article, he tells us why you should take part in the contest and how you can train to ace it.


  • ITMO’s Team Wins Hackathon at International RoboFinist Festival

    Team BE2RLab from ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics became the winner at the hackathon held by StarLine company. The competition took place at the international robotics festival RoboFinist. ITMO students managed to program a robotic platform and successfully helped a blind robot get out of a maze.


  • Researcher Oleg Borisov on Being a PI and Creating Robot Dogs in Russia

    Oleg Borisov attended school in Astrakhan Oblast, hundreds of kilometers away from St. Petersburg, but his passion for computer technologies and control led him to ITMO. Today, Oleg is working on control algorithms for robotic systems, as well as supervising several research teams. In this article, the researcher speaks about his work experience and shares his view on whether Russian developers can compete with Boston Dynamics.


  • Biomimetics: The Science of Robo-Animals

    Boston Dynamics’ Spot, bionic kangaroos and even ants – biomimetics allows us to replicate almost any living thing. But why do roboticists look to animals for inspiration, what do they do at ITMO, and how do you make a robot act “natural”? ITMO.NEWS investigates.


  • Student Spotlight: Hrishikesh Gujrathi, India

    “As an international student, I've adapted to my new life in St. Petersburg pretty well. I'm very happy with everything here and really enjoy being around everyone,” says Hrishikesh, an international Master’s student at ITMO. In today’s interview, we talked about ITMO’s programs and how Hrishikesh became interested in them. He also shares his view on how Russia compares to India and other countries when it comes to studying AI, robotics, and computer science.


  • Student Spotlight: Mohammad-Hossein Vaziri-Moghim, Iran

    Between accompanying his father on business trips and studying at ITMO, Mohammad-Hossein has had plenty of time to get to know St. Petersburg like a pro. What made him interested in robotics and artificial intelligence? Why ITMO? He answers these questions and more in today’s interview.