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  • I Am a Professional: Tips from Former Winners of Robotics Track

    I Am a Professional is a national competition for students of all fields – from humanities to engineering. Winners receive diplomas, as well as advantages when enrolling into Master’s and PhD programs, monetary prizes, and internship opportunities at major Russian companies. This year, ITMO is organizing three core tracks in partnership with Sberbank: Robotics, Programming & IT, and Information & Cyber Security, as well as a corporate track titled Technological Entrepreneurship in collaboration with VEEROUTE. We talked to the winners of last year’s Robotics track and asked them about the best ways to prepare for the contest and the importance of not underestimating your strengths.  


  • ITMO Youth Robotics Team Outshine All at RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2021

    Friendly Friends, the team of ITMO’s Youth Robotics Lab, and their robot musician Robert Robotecky placed first at RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2021. At the tournament final, the robot performed Sous le Ciel de Paris and Blue Canary while riding a hoverboard. 


  • ITMO to Host I Am a Professional Contest

    The university will be in charge of three key tracks: Robotics, Programming and Information Technologies, and Information and Cybersecurity, as well as corporate track Technology Entrepreneurship (jointly with Gazprom Neft). Sberbank will act as the main partner of ITMO’s tracks. The contest is supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation as part of the Social Elevators for Everyone initiative of the national project Education.


  • ITMO Student Designs an Active Exoskeleton to Lift Weight

    Alexey Ledyukov, a student at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, has designed an exoskeleton that will be able to help lift up to 80 kilograms easily. At the same time, the suit itself doesn’t weigh much: you can move and even run in it freely. In this interview, Alexey shared how he managed to create his first exoskeleton while still in school and how his project can be of use to rescuers and airsoft fans.


  • ITMO Students Develop New Manipulator Arm That Can Be Applied Everywhere: From Catering to Chemistry Labs

    ITMO University students developed a compact manipulator arm using polymers, which helped significantly bring down its production costs. At the same time, the new device is just as secure and precise as its existing analogs. The project is headed by Islam Bzhikhatlov, a PhD student at ITMO University, who told ITMO.NEWS about the robot’s potential applications, the tasks it can solve, and the way it stands out from similar products. 


  • ITMO Scientists Create a Hopping Robot Using Morphological Computation

    The International Laboratory of Biomechatronics and Energy-Efficient Robotics has created a prototype of an energy-efficient hopping robot. The design is based on flexible joints and a series elastic actuator.


  • First Graduates of ITMO and Sberbank’s Corporate Master’s Program in Robotics Discuss Their Projects

    In 2019, ITMO University and Sberbank expanded their collaboration to the field of robotics and this June witnessed the first ever graduation from the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence corporate Master’s program. Students of the program had the chance to take part in a contest for the opportunity to complete their theses at the Sberbank Robotics Laboratory, thus getting access to the company’s mentors and unique equipment. 


  • Team of ITMO’s Youth Robotics Lab Deemed Best Novices at RoboCup 2021 Finals

    ITMO’s team became best among novices at the international finals of RoboCup 2021. Their winning project was Robert Robotecky, a robot musician that performed the popular French song Sous le Ciel de Paris.


  • ITMO Robotics Team Wins RoboCup Russia Open

    Robert Robotecky, a self-balancing hoverboard-riding musical robot brought victory to the team from ITMO’s Youth Robotics Lab at RoboCup Russia Open – 2021.


  • Tauras-Fenix Company Becomes Corporate Partner of ITMO’s Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Master’s Program

    The program’s students will get an opportunity to take internships at the company with prospects of future employment. The company, on its side, hopes for not just new personnel but also expert opinions of ITMO staff regarding the development of completely automated packaging machinery and other similar equipment.