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  • Student Spotlight: Usman Farooq, Pakistan

    Studying abroad is exciting, but it has its own highs and lows. One of the challenges is adapting to a new place and a new culture. For students like Usman Farooq, being away from home in a new country is difficult. But Usman is not a quitter! Despite all odds, he is working relentlessly to not only adapt to the new setting but also make the most of his opportunities. Take a sneak peek into the life of Usman, who traveled from Lahore to St. Petersburg to fulfill his dream of studying at ITMO.


  • Vladimir: An Ancient City on the Golden Ring

    Have you ever heard of Russia’s Golden Ring? A group of ancient cities that were part of the Old Rus, are now sights to see and not too far from Moscow. As you set off to explore the Golden Ring, the first city along the way is Vladimir, the former capital of medieval Russia. I decided to venture out there on my vacation to find out what Vladimir had to offer.


  • 6 Unexpectedly Cool Things About Living in Russia

    From fast trains to online banking – here’s our guide to the advantages of life in Russia inspired by international experience.


  • Top 7 Surprising Russian Habits

    Every country has interesting customs and somewhat bizarre stereotypes that might surprise a foreign visitor or even a local millennial, and Russia is no exception. Knowing them just might come in handy, or at least make for great random trivia to stump your friends.


  • Student Spotlight: Maxim Klochko, Russia

    Maxim Klochko is a second-year Master’s student in the program Innovation Entrepreneurship. He was born and grew up in St. Petersburg and after he got his Bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics, he decided to apply for a Master’s degree at ITMO. In this interview, Maxim shares with us his impressions of the university and life in the city and the experiences that helped him to grow as a person and as a professional.


  • More Than Panels: Cool Soviet Experiments on Residential Buildings

    Chicken legs, donuts, a cosmodrome, and more – check out our guide to atypical residential buildings of the Soviet era.


  • Student Spotlight: Daniil Koshelev, Russia

    Daniil Koshelev is a Russian third-year student of the Bachelor’s program Technological Innovations Management at ITMO University. In this interview, Daniil tells us about why he decided to study at ITMO and his experiences as a student and manager of the University's football team.


  • Finno-Ugric Spots of St. Petersburg

    Russia is known as a multinational country, and rightfully so – around 200 ethnic groups inhabit it and each of them has its own unique culture. Today, let’s talk about the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia and where you can learn more about them without having to leave St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO Experts Rank Regional E-Participation Platforms

    Moscow, the Murmansk Oblast, and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug are at the top of the ranking with the Tyva Republic, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug bringing up the rear. According to the authors of the ranking, it reflects the readiness with which regional governments discuss current issues with their citizens using digital technologies.


  • To Yandex or Not to Yandex: Russian Apps to Make Your Life Easier

    Tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are taking over the world. We uber to places, facetime our friends, and google things up even when we do not exactly use Uber, Facetime, and Google, respectively. But what is just as popular in Russia?