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  • Russian Hollywood: Soyuzmultfilm Behind the Scenes

    Another installment of the Russian Hollywood series, another production studio to discover. This time, we’re stepping inside Soyuzmultfilm – a Soviet and Russian animation company based in Moscow that has shaped the childhoods of many generations in Russia and beyond. The studio gifted the world with a bevy of iconic characters, from the Soviet Winnie-the-Pooh to the mysterious Cheburashka.


  • Russian Hollywood: Lenfilm Behind the Scenes

    Lenfilm, the cradle of Russian filmmaking, has been giving 110 percent over its 110-year history. The St. Petersburg-based studio has released as many as 1,500 feature movies that include the iconic Sherlock Holmes adaptations, a Soviet take on the western, and more.


  • Russian Hollywood: Mosfilm Behind the Scenes

    The Mosfilm logo, with its striking image of Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, is a familiar sight in every Russian home. Over the past 100 years, the studio has released a superb collection of movies that are integral to Russian culture: they are regularly watched, rewatched, and even quoted by heart. Which iconic films did the studio produce and what does it do now? Here’s a glimpse inside the major Russian film studio that also happens to be one of the largest in Europe.


  • An Overview of Early Russian Cinema

    This period of Russian cinema may often be overlooked, but there are plenty of hidden gems among the silent films shot in the early 20th century – from historical dramas and film adaptations to comedies and animation.


  • Winter in Russian Cinema

    The holidays might be over, but winter is still very much in full swing! Check out some of our most beloved winter-themed movies and also get a unique take on Russian culture.


  • Four Russian Movies to Watch on Netflix

    While Soviet movies become almost iconic for the international audience discovering Russia, the cinema of the last decades undeservedly stays in their shadow. Let’s expand your cinematic horizons with our shortlist of some Russian movies available on Netflix!


  • Top Three Classic Russian Films About World War II

    ​On May 9, we celebrate Victory Day. World War II and the Great Patriotic War in particular has had an enormous effect on Russian history that lasts to this day. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it was represented in dozens of iconic Soviet films. Here is a brief list of our personal recommendations.