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  • It’s Your Call: Highlights of the Sixth Educational Forum at ITMO

    On April 17, the sixth annual educational forum It’s Your Call! kicked in at ITMO. Aimed at the participants of the I Am a Professional contest, the event features lectures and workshops by experts from ITMO, Sberbank, and Yandex on IT, cybersecurity, robotics, machine learning, programming, and controlling drones. The participants will also learn to combine research and cutting edge technologies in their own startups. The event is organized in partnership with Sberbank.


  • ITMO PhD Student Evgeny Khomutov: My Main Goal Is to Be the Best Version of Myself

    Evgeny Khomutov graduated from the corporate Master’s program operated by ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics and the Sberbank Robotics Laboratory. Having successfully completed a project in collaboration with the company, he decided to continue his studies as a PhD student. These days, Evgeny is developing a system that will help design gripping devices automatically making it accessible even to novices. In the future, this system can serve as a basis for more personalized (and cheaper) hand prosthetics. We asked him why it’s more interesting to work at a university and not in the industry and how robotics can help people with special needs. 


  • Sberbank and ITMO University Open Second Round of Applications for Research Projects in Robotics

    The application is open for first year students of ITMO’s Master’s program in Robotics. Those accepted will join the teams working in the fields of control systems and machine learning, computer vision, engineering and human-machine interface development. Read on to learn more.